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COVID-19 Florida Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Have college student who lived in out-sourced apts (not enough on campus dorms). In Jan/Feb 2020 was asked if planning

to stay in 2020-2021 school yr for same cost. Covid then hit. The apts had a lot of students to become ill. Student advised apts was leaving in May to avoid becoming ill since campus was shut down. Feb 2021 recd ltr from apts stating owed from Sept through present. Does student have to pay after... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Feb 25, 2021

It depends upon the notice provisions in the original lease (rental agreement), specifically how long of a notice of non-renewal the student/tenant must give. And, of course, this is assuming that the January/February and May notices by the tenant were in writing.

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Employment Discrimination for Florida on
Q: Should i get paid for working myself and another assistants job?

Got hired on into a 3 assistant position. After Covid, was down to myself and 1 other assistant. This assistant would call out/quit/not show up 2-3 times out of the week on a weekly basis. This would leave me alone to hold up the entire Office and all the patients by myself. First asked owner of... Read more »

Terrence H Thorgaard
Terrence H Thorgaard answered on Feb 23, 2021

No, it's apparently not discrimination on the basis of race, sex, or other suspect classification. Other than that kind of discrimination, an employer can employ, or not employ, whoever the employer wants. And no, they don't have to pay you for, in effect, working multiple jobs at once.

3 Answers | Asked in Bankruptcy for Florida on
Q: I owe a lot in credit cards. I havent been able to work due to covid. Can I file bankruptcy before I get too far behind?

I'm self employed. I do landscaping and I have credit cards in my name and my fiance has others in her name,but it to help me to use for my business We owe up to 48,000. In my name its 13,000 her name 35,000. SInce the pandemic I havent had a lot of work. I've been making our credit card... Read more »

Kevin M Ryan
Kevin M Ryan answered on Feb 18, 2021

One thing to consider at this point is whether you have any upcoming bills such as medical bills, or an eviction related bill. Prior to filing a bankruptcy case it is important to consider letting all obligations come to fruition, so that you know everyone you owe money to on the date you file... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Can my landlord force me to have showings and open houses during the pandemic?

I rent a single home in Florida and the owner's realtor is having showings and I feel it's a safety risk to my health having 60 people coming to the house. I have a compromised health issue and I fear getting sick and in 1 day the realtor allowed 60 people to walk around the house. Is... Read more »

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Feb 8, 2021

While I can see why you are concerned, as far as I have heard or read about, none of the provisions in the federal government's PPP or stimulus legislation provides tenants any protection from this unique situation. However, since it appears that your landlord is trying hard to sell the house... Read more »

5 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Florida on
Q: When can I file the petition for the K1 visa?

I met my girlfriend now fiance back in august 2019, when can I petition for the K1 visa? We have already met twice.

Kevin D. Slattery Esq.
Kevin D. Slattery Esq. answered on Feb 2, 2021

As the saying goes, "There's no time like the present." - particularly given the requirement that you and your fiancée have met physically at least once during the 2 year period immediately preceding the filing of your Petition for Fiancé(e). Consider scheduling a consultation... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Family Law and Child Custody for Florida on
Q: Due to Covid I might not be able to live in my rented home, or home town.

In our family plan, it says it I cannot move more than 50 miles away. But he has moved over three times always in the 50 miles further and further. We’re almost at the furthest point we can be. I currently live in Miami I would like to move to Fort Lauderdale or maybe even south somewhere where... Read more »

Vanessa Vasquez de Lara
Vanessa Vasquez de Lara answered on Jan 29, 2021

Relocations are moving more than 50 miles from where you lived at the time that the parenting plan was entered. The move is not 50 miles from the Father. This could lead you both to living up to 99.9 miles from each other if you each move almost 50 miles from the original family home. This could... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant and Real Estate Law for Florida on
Q: My landlord died and I was gave Certified letter stating they will not be renewing my lease do to his realtor selling

The property I have been living paying my rent for 8 yrs. and they want me out by Jan.31,2021 I was gave the letter back in June of 2020 but it been so hard to find a place do to the pandemic is they breaking the law somewhere cause no one haven’t came and seen the home to buy anything

Barbara Billiot Stage
Barbara Billiot Stage answered on Jan 29, 2021

The property may be tied up in probate or the personal representative of the estate may be waiting for you to vacate to fix the property up to sell, but that does not mean you cannot be evicted once the lease expires. If an eviction action is filed against you, you will have a trouble finding any... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for Florida on
Q: New BOD changed locks on clubhouse. How long do they have to replace old keys?
Barbara Billiot Stage
Barbara Billiot Stage answered on Jan 20, 2021

It depends on why the locks were changed. Many associations have closed their amenities due to COVID-19. Florida Statute 720.116 gives the association to do whatever is necessary during a state of emergency for the safety and health of the membership.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation for Florida on
Q: Schedule a Special Set Hearing

I have been attempting to schedule a special set hearing for a Motion to dismiss for a few months, but the opposing party continues to state they have COVID 19 complications and will not be able to present their opposing motion. Can I schedule the hearing? Or do I have to wait for the opposing... Read more »

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Jan 19, 2021

These are very unusual times--and thus require using unusual means to get things done in the judicial system.

I suggest re-filing your motion as an "Unconsented Amended Motion to Dismiss" together with a SEPARATE motion requesting a hearing date be set. Explain at the very onset...
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2 Answers | Asked in Child Support, Divorce and Family Law for Florida on
Q: Does he not owe child support due to COVID lockdowns and terms of the child support agreement?

Ex-spouse & I signed a mediation agreement early 2020, just before legally mandated lockdowns. in lieu of paying to court, ex agreed to pay equivalent amount of per guidelines child support by paying child's insurance coverage (pretax from paycheck) & day/aftercare. Shortly after... Read more »

Rand Scott Lieber
Rand Scott Lieber answered on Jan 19, 2021

You need to read your agreement carefully. He is not "off the hook." However, if the agreement says he pays the daycare directly and the daycare closed then he can argue that he does not have to pay. You may need to go back to court for clarification or enforcement. What he did or is... Read more »

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4 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Florida on
Q: I am a US citizen..My mother have Tourist visa, she is 86 and recently my father died,she is leaving in Ecuador ,

I am planning to get her here to live with me..Can I ask the immigration officer for adjust of status at the port of entrance ? O need to start the petition while she is over there? ..She is alone in brother and sister can’t take care of her but I am

Kevin D. Slattery Esq.
Kevin D. Slattery Esq. answered on Jan 19, 2021

Consider scheduling a consultation with a competent and experienced immigration attorney who can advise you and your mother the proper procedure for immigrating permanently to the U.S. given her intent to do so from outside of the United States. If she has preconceived intent from outside of the... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation for Florida on
Q: Motion for an extension due COVID 19

The plaintiff would like to schedule a special set hearing, but my husband has contracted COVID 19 and is not able to participate in a hearing. I am attempting to assist so he does not lose the case. Do I have to select a date for him since he is not doing well due to COVID 19 or should we contact... Read more »

Charles M.  Baron
Charles M. Baron answered on Jan 17, 2021

The first step is to ask the other side to agree to a later date. If they agree, the problem is solved.

If they don't agree, and the other side goes ahead and notices the hearing, your husband would need to file a motion for continuance (postponement) of the hearing, and, if...
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2 Answers | Asked in Civil Litigation for Florida on
Q: Motion for Enlarged Extension?

I had a special set hearing scheduled and the plaintiff filed a motion for an enlarged extension of time due to COVID 19. Can I make the plaintiff produce medical documentation if I believe they are lying and just attempting to delay the hearing?

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Jan 12, 2021

No. Teaching opportunity: The last thing any court wants to see in pro se litigation are pro se litigants expanding

very simple disputes into major litigation. You are trying to do something that (a) is not helpful to your case; (b) does not matter; and (c) might anger the judge. You can...
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1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Landlord/tenant question

I am a landlord on a month to month lease agreement with a tenant that states she or I have to give 30 days notice to terminate the lease. She recently painted my home without my approval. I expressed my dismay to her, and told her she should have received my permission, first. She promptly cursed... Read more »

Barry W. Kaufman
Barry W. Kaufman answered on Jan 3, 2021

Yes, but you must give her proper notice. You should probably consult with a lawyer to make certain things are done correctly. Screw this up, and you could be looking at paying her attorney's fees as well as not being able to get rid of her. If you are in the business of renting property,... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Child Support for Florida on
Q: My sons father is supposed to pay child support, hes running a non profit organization with about 12 people and works.

He is telling child support that he cant work because of the pandemic and so they reinstated his license. But goes on vacations and leaves the state often. How can I get my child support if he is able to work.

Vanessa Vasquez de Lara
Vanessa Vasquez de Lara answered on Dec 31, 2020

You have to be able to prove that he is working, or that he is spending money on vacations and trips so that the court can calculate the income he has based on the amounts of money he is spending. If you are only having hearings in child support enforcement court, you must remember that the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for Florida on
Q: Our landlord told us on Christmas eve that our rent would increase the next month by 100 dollars he told us verbally

We did not recieve anything in writing he told me that i didnt get the that legal with the pandemic going on mind you i have never missed a payment and have not signed a new lease in 2 yrs

Bruce Alexander Minnick
Bruce Alexander Minnick answered on Dec 30, 2020

Unless you have a current written lease your landlord can increase the rent at any time. They may no be able to evict you because of the Covid-19 situation; however, Covid-19 does not prevent rent increases.

2 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Florida on
Q: Visa extension denied, assuming that we get a NTA, can we take voluntary departure before the court hearing?


We have just had our visa extension denied and are now out of status unfortunately it is proving really difficult to wrap everything up and arrange exit before the end of the appeal window in the first week of January. Both Christmas and Covid are causing delays but we are trying to... Read more »

Ana S. Mendieta
Ana S. Mendieta answered on Dec 18, 2020

Assuming you get an NTA and a Notice of Hearing before an Immigration Judge, and you can provide for your transportation and fulfil the requirements as required by law [INA § 240B(a)], then the Immigration Judge may grant you a voluntary departure period of not more than 120 days from the time of... Read more »

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3 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for Florida on
Q: I would like to know if It’s possible to apply for fiancée visa during this Period?
Mario Musil
Mario Musil answered on Dec 10, 2020

Yes, fiance visas are being processed even during the pandemic. There are delays with interviews, but you can get the process started.

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2 Answers | Asked in Criminal Law for Florida on
Q: Last October my son was arrested for battery and still going to court. The person who accused him has not been to court

And no longer lives in state. He was offered 90 days. Can he somehow get this thrown out. He was arrested on 11/8/20 on new unrelated charges and was told the battery charge has to be taken care before he can have a bond on new charges

Jeffrey H. Garland
Jeffrey H. Garland answered on Dec 5, 2020

Your son’s problem is the new arrest while out on bond. That’s why he can’t bond out. The new arrest reveals nothing about the first arrest. Either the witness who moved out of state shows up for trial or not. Depending on Covid it might be quite some time before a trial is started. Whether... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Immigration Law for Florida on
Q: Im an international student didnt finished my internship contract due to pandemic

The hotel were im taking my internship closed due to pandemic and reopened after few months. I asked my agency here in the US if what can i do so i can continue my and finish my internship but they were asking me for another fee so i can continue it. Can i sue them for that? Its not my fault that i... Read more »

Kevin L Dixler
Kevin L Dixler answered on Nov 21, 2020

Unlikely that any success will result, Covid is outside of the program's control. If the program is over, through impossibility of the sponsor, then the intern should leave the U.S. otherwise, it is likely that they will fall out of status as a result. This is likely what has happened, but... Read more »

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