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New York Constitutional Law Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Employment Discrimination and Employment Law for New York on
Q: How to look up Equitable Estoppel Employment Cases that was successful in relation to plaintiff mental illness

Statue of limitations ran out but knew evidence has surface and plaintiffs want to file action against former employer, to reopen retirement pension fund

V. Jonas Urba
V. Jonas Urba answered on Oct 17, 2021

A retirement pension fund issue appears to fall under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, also known as "ERISA". Some of us have successfully fought on behalf of employees facing reduced severance pay. Employers sometimes allege breaks in continuous services by employees.... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law, Constitutional Law, Education Law and Employment Discrimination for New York on
Q: I submitted a religious exemption that was neither approved nor denied. My job refuses to provide any accommodations

Even though it's a department of education school and the department of Ed is accommodating teachers, my job is not taking my request seriously nor are they willing to make any accommodation for my religious practice. I was told I would be placed on unpaid leave with no regard to my request... Read more »

Carrie Dyer
Carrie Dyer answered on Sep 22, 2021

Your question does not indicate what your religious accommodation request is. Whether your employer's decision to place you on an unpaid leave is unlawful depends on your accommodation request, whether your request eliminates one of the essential functions of your job, and/or causes your... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Government Contracts for New York on
Q: Workers compensation.

How do I take my workers compensation case to the Supreme Court? Workers compensation denied my financial benefit because I was force to quit my job due to my injury at work. I got ran over by a garbage truck while working and I had no support in the city I was living in so I had no choice but to... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Aug 20, 2021

This sounds like a very thick and complex file, and one that could involve multiple attorneys - workers' comp, disability, and depending on the role of the truck, possibly third-party action(s). Based on the serious injuries you describe in terms of five screws, you may want to discuss this in... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Contracts, Business Law, Constitutional Law and Government Contracts for New York on


V. Jonas Urba
V. Jonas Urba answered on Apr 27, 2021

Employment applications are invitations to be considered for employment. They are not contracts nor do they guarantee that someone will be considered for a job. Many require certifications that accurate, complete, and truthful information is being provided under penalties of perjury.

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1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Appeals / Appellate Law, Civil Rights and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: My husband was arrested and is now at Rikers Island In New York State. He was never read his Miranda Rights.

What steps can be taken and what motions can be filed to help him?

Peter Wade Kolp
Peter Wade Kolp answered on Mar 29, 2021

If that is the case, and it can be proven or argued , it would go to surpressing any statements (keeping those statements out of evidence and not used against him) he made and be argued in legal docs called motions.

Depending on the case, one can still be convicted without their own...
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1 Answer | Asked in Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: How do I invade a house in Puerto Rico?

My father passed away and I became one of the inheritors of the house but the other inheritors and I haven't totally abandoned I try my best to work with my brothers and sisters the other inheritors and his wife no one wants to budge so now I'm thinking about invading putting the property... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Nov 18, 2020

I'm sorry for the loss of your father. In terms of seeking out attorneys who could assist you, this isn't really a constitutional law matter. You need to reach out to attorneys in the Probate and Estate Planning sections, or you could repost under those sections. Speak with an attorney... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Family Law, Child Custody, Civil Litigation and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: My 18 year old left NY to Nebraska to stay with her girlfriend & parents. Parents never told me. 19's legal, what to do?

I went there to bring her home because she's a minor there. Police & all, she's not rational & the mom there never advised she was there. If 18 is a minor why couldn't she come with me as I'm her mother?

Howard E. Knispel
Howard E. Knispel answered on Nov 5, 2020

While I can not comment on Nebraska law, in NY the age of majority is 18 and a NY court will not take a case incolving the custody of an 18 year old.

1 Answer | Asked in Constitutional Law and Gov & Administrative Law for New York on
Q: Is it against federal or state law for a police department to ask a civilian to do investigations without compensation
Victor M. Feraru
Victor M. Feraru answered on Sep 14, 2020

I'm not sure what you mean. I'm guess you mean to have someone be a confidential informant and not pay? I'd need more details before I could answer this question.

2 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Contracts and Small Claims for New York on
Q: It is possible to sue University for emotional distress, for discrimination and for false information in the UK ?

I have applied to University during Covid and got a Conditional Offer right away. In order to get CAS(letter of acceptance ) I had to meet all the conditions. During four months University kept asking me for more and more information and I provided them all. I got an answer that I almost got in the... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Sep 9, 2020

I'm sorry for your ordeal. Unfortunately, I don't believe you would have a cause of action for emotional distress, which is generally based more on intentional or reckless conduct that is outrageous on the part of the wrongdoer. But you could present the facts to other attorneys for their... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Municipal Law and Public Benefits for New York on
Q: What are the laws regarding public speaking in a city like NYC?

Can any mass of people congregate in a public park, setup some speakers and listen to an orator speak about politics, for example? Is this protected by the right to peaceful assembly? I'm talking about non-pandemic times, btw. Thanks for any help provided.

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Aug 8, 2020

This is something that a constitutional law scholar would know best. It sounds like you are touching upon the time, place, manner attributes of the First Amendment. It would be safest to contact agencies or offices within the City of New York to verify these guidelines - it's possible they... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation, Family Law, Civil Rights and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: Is there a law that allows me to protect myself against state-mandated threat of infection to my life and my child’s?

Thanks in advance for your time.

I have an 8 year old daughter. Her mother and her partner are reckless about COVID-19 infection, attending protests, traveling on airlines, not wearing masks, not using sanitizer etc. By contrast, I have protected my daughter with every measure possible... Read more »

Lawrence Allen Weinreich
Lawrence Allen Weinreich answered on Jul 10, 2020

Your choices are either not to have your daughter come to you or to go to court and ask for custody.

1 Answer | Asked in Business Law and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: Is the right to free speech is an absolute right? Do businesses and individuals share the same right to free speech?
Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Jul 2, 2020

It's an important right provided by the First Amendment and corporations can also enjoy those rights. It is not an absolute right. There are limitations, such as fighting words, defamation, obscenity, false advertising, and others. Good luck

Tim Akpinar

Q: I need to prove that I am being tortured because the ppl doing it are getting away with it. I need representation.

Seeking legal advise but months later there is still no response on here.

Derek John Soltis
Derek John Soltis answered on May 10, 2020

Call an attorney that specializes in civil rights. You are not likely to get information that can help you on a public forum.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Real Estate Law for New York on
Q: Relatives not heirs, invades and builds a house on a land that belong to senior heirs living in PR w/out permission

One or two bully relatives in Camuy Puerto Rico, not heirs, invaded and started to build on land that belong to disable senior heirs w/out their permissions; Three of the heirs died, one lives in NY, and the other 2 seniors own homes and lived on that land for years. Eventhough the senior heirs... Read more »

Elaine Shay
Elaine Shay answered on Apr 12, 2020

Since the property is in Puerto Rico, you should post your question in an area with attorneys from that jurisdiction.

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: Can a person be denied purchase of a home in New York City simply because their social media page shows them hunting?

Friend is trying to purchase an apartment in NYC but has been told that they couldnt do the sale since he had pictures of himself hunting in Texas on his social media.

Gregory Byrnes
Gregory Byrnes answered on Mar 26, 2020

Yes, it's likely they can refuse to sell because they are not a protected class under Federal, State, or Local Law. If they are already in contract this would be a different story depending on the contract. You can check the AG's website for more information.... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Divorce and Family Law for New York on
Q: I have a Divorce Action pending. Who is the best Civil Rights Atty. in Albany, NY, that protects "Freedom of Religion"?

Also: I am at the Appeals Level of my case. I need help now. Time is of the essence.

Lawrence Allen Weinreich
Lawrence Allen Weinreich answered on Feb 24, 2020

Contact your local bar association for attorney specialties and recommendations.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and DUI / DWI for New York on
Q: I was recently charged with a DWI. Breathalyzer concluded that my BAC was 0.03, I was then brought to the police HQ .

When I was brought back to the police headquarters the officer instructed me to look at the wall. NOTE: I was not given a clear and unequivocal warning that a chemical test was being performed and the consequences of not performing the test.

With that said, I replied to him, "look at... Read more »

Michael Arbeit
Michael Arbeit answered on Feb 4, 2020

When did the arrest happen and where? Did you go to the Refusal hearing? You need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney for proper representation.

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: 4th Amendment violation.

My son is on probation. He was scheduled to appear for violating his probation. I let him borrow my vehicle to get there. He showed up at the correct place, date, and time. While there he was arrested and bail set for violating probation. The probation officer was not there and instructed the... Read more »

Gary Kollin
Gary Kollin answered on Oct 26, 2019

You can talk to the supervisors in both departments.

You can file suit through an attorney if you can find an attorney which I doubt you will find because of the lack of damages

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights and Constitutional Law for New York on
Q: When someone consent to searches asked by an officer, would that be considered as a reasonable search ?
Gary Kollin
Gary Kollin answered on Oct 21, 2019

The issue of reasonable is no longer at issue once there is consent

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Landlord - Tenant for New York on
Q: Landlord walked in on me changing, I didn't pay rent because of it, they want to evict me. What action can I take?

My landlord/owner of the house I'm renting the basement opened my locked door while I was changing, walked right in. I did not pay rent for July ($200, verbal agreement to pay by the last day of each month) and was given a notice to pay within 2 weeks or vacate the premises. However, they made... Read more »

Elaine Shay
Elaine Shay answered on Aug 9, 2019

From the description of your living arrangements, I suspect that the unit is not "legal". As a result you may have defenses to claims for unpaid rent. However, unless you have a lease or are rent-regulated, provided the proper court process is commenced, the landlord will ultimately be... Read more »

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