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Ohio Small Claims Questions & Answers
0 Answers | Asked in Libel & Slander, Contracts and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Hello, I took my seats from a classic mustang to an upholsterer January of 2022. They will not return them

I have inquired multiple times about picking up.. all I get are excuses.. how do I get them back?

3 Answers | Asked in Bankruptcy, Consumer Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Debt collector is suing me in court in indiana. I currently live in Ohio. I havnt lived in Indiana since 2015.

They want me to set up payment or go to court. I can’t go to court it’s 7 hours away can’t take off of work. Is there anything I can do or can I just ignore it?

David Luther Woodward
David Luther Woodward answered on Apr 5, 2022

Talk to a bankruptcy lawyer in your community to help you evaluate your options.

Good Luck

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1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: I loaned my ex over $9000. I have emails where he admits to the debt. Can I sue him in Ohio?

I loaned my ex 6k and got a loan for him. We had a verbal agreement for repayment. He was making payments but recently stopped. I have emails where he admits to owing me but now refuses to pay. Can I sue him in Ohio in small claims court?

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams answered on Mar 28, 2022

You can sue him. The emails will help. You probably want to sue in the civil division of the municipal court and not small claims because $9,000 exceeds the jurisdictional limit of $6,000 to be considered a small claim. You can sue in small claims but the court can only grant a judgment up to... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Do I have any rights to void an agreement? Signed an agreement with an unlicensed contractor for repairs

He won't give me the receipts that I already paid him half upfront that was in the agreement, but also he lied telling my bf how much he would get for work.

Bridget Sciscento
Bridget Sciscento answered on Feb 1, 2022

You may have a claim for breach of contract and/or a claim under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. You have not given a lot of details such as if the contractor has completed the work that you have paid him for. I would suggest reaching out to an attorney for an initial consultation.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Signed an agreement with an unlicensed contractor to do repairs on from a fire and come to find out hes not licensed. C

Can I cancel the agreement? And he won't give me any receipts that I paid him up front...and he also lied about the amount he promised my bf working for him. We were helping him out with letting him have the job and getting his name out there and he tried to pull one over on we have... Read more »

Nicholas P. Weiss
Nicholas P. Weiss answered on Jan 27, 2022

Yes. If you've paid him, but only because he told you he was licensed, then the contract was induced by fraud. Take note that if he did any work, you may have to provide some kind of compensation.

This may also be a violation of Ohio's Consumer Sales Practices Act.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: If an ex boyfriends mom gave me a phone and added me to her phone plan, then suspends my phone and threatens me with the

Police is that legal? She gifted it to me and now I’m being told that if I don’t return it she will get the police involved and use my phone records.

Anthony C. Satariano
Anthony C. Satariano answered on Jan 18, 2022

This question depends on the nature of the transfer. If she truly gifted it to you, there is an argument it is yours. If she merely intended for you to use it, then it may still be hers. But, as the owner of the plan she likely has an undisputed ability to suspend phones she pays for.

1 Answer | Asked in Car Accidents, Civil Rights, Insurance Bad Faith and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: What does this mean, and what do I do? Summons on Complaint. Required to serve upon the plaintiffs attorney. An answer?

I got into an accident, my steering locked up on my vehicle and I went into another vehicle pulling out of a gas station. Damaged were done and I didn't realize my insurance that I paid for 6 months in advanced had expired a few weeks prior. The other party has State Farm insurance and they... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Nov 3, 2021

Only an Ohio attorney can advise here, but your post remains open for two weeks. You should consider reaching out to an Ohio attorney without further delay. I'm sorry, but from what you describe, it appears that you are being sued by the other motorist. Writing an informal note as you describe... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Rights and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Is it illegal to build a snowman using snow from someone else's property?

They don't have a fenced in yard or any signs that say private property.

Andrew Popp
Andrew Popp answered on Sep 23, 2021

It sounds like you may be trespassing on their property. For a definitive answer you need to sit down with a local criminal defense attorney to evaluate the specifics of your situation.

Best of luck.

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: How I do I get my things back?

Hello! My ex-fiancé told me after we broke up that he would bring me my things as I left quite a bit at the apartment we shared. It has been over 4 months now and he has not brought me my things or responded to my texts. I don’t mind having to go get my things but I don’t know if I can legally... Read more »

Andrew Popp
Andrew Popp answered on Sep 17, 2021

I suggest contacting the landlord and coordinating a time to obtain your things. You can also reach out to law enforcement as they often act as a peacekeeper to ensure no issues arise while you are retrieving your things.

Best of luck.

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: My ex boyfriend never disclosed his HIV status to me in our relationship. How to take legal action?

We engaged in sex multiple on many occasions before my knowledge of his status and he had even avoided using condoms beforehand as well. I’m not HIV positive however feel like I still should get justice and protect others along the path. How can I go about getting justice? I know nothing about... Read more »

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams answered on Sep 14, 2021

Your unlikely to win much in a lawsuit if you did not in fact get sick because your damages are hard to calculate. But you could call the police. Felonious Assault 2nd degree felony punishable by 2-8 years:

(B) No person, with knowledge that the person has tested positive as a carrier of a...
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1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: If a (client) friend fails to pay you (contractor) for a job they hired you to do and they refused to pay after it was

Done and you took a razor blade and undid some of your work could I be charged with a property damage charge and how do I go about getting paid.

Andrew Popp
Andrew Popp answered on Aug 30, 2021

Yes, you can be charged with property damage. In order to get paid you would need to file a lawsuit against the friend. Breach of contract would be the cause of action.

Best of luck.

1 Answer | Asked in Contracts, Civil Rights, Education Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Can my private university mandate me to get vaccinated after I’ve been accepted, paid money, and told me that I don’t?

They told us we did NOT have to get vaccinated then an hour later told us that we DO need to get vaccinated against COVID-19. I was accepted for a month and a half with a down payment before I was informed that I needed to get the COVID vaccine, so now it’s crunch time and I either get the shot... Read more »

Bruce Martin Broyles
Bruce Martin Broyles answered on Jul 26, 2021

I have not personally looked up the resources, but it is my understanding that the vaccine has not received final approval from the FDA.

The emergency use of an unapproved medicine is covered by 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb–3 - Authorization for medical products for use in emergencies. A...
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1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: My father in law is threatening to sue my husband and I.

He co-signed a loan 9 years ago. My husband got laid off from his job and couldn’t make the payment payment anymore. When we tried to reach out to him he had changed his number. Then we found out his new number and contacted him. When my husband tried to discuss the money he owed him back he said... Read more »

Hunter G. Cavell
Hunter G. Cavell answered on Jul 17, 2021

There are many potential issues here. The co-signer is responsible in the event that the signer cannot pay. It sounds like there is no contract between the signer and co-signer in the event that the signer defaults. You should talk to an attorney about whether or not your husband can be sued for... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Construction Law, Consumer Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: I use Ogx by Johnson and Johnson. I seen the law suit,How do we go about joining law suit

I have been using this product for multiple years and have had significant hair loss

Andrew Popp
Andrew Popp answered on Jul 9, 2021

I suggest contacting the law firm(s) who filed the class action so they can make sure you are included. From the Pleadings, I see the firms are:

1. Shub Law Firm in Haddonfield, NJ

2. Sciolla Law Firm in Philadelphia, PA

3. Whitfield Bryson in Raliegh, NC.

Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: I gave my ex girlfriend 6000$ (Cash) to help pay off her debt so she could by a car. Then i gave her 5000$ (cash)

For said car down payment my credit is horrible so we did it in her name. She decided to move to another state on an optional relocation at her job i did not follow. My name is not on the car. Ive got no access to a car now am i able to recoupe any money legally?

Joseph Jaap
Joseph Jaap answered on Jun 23, 2021

You could sue her for the money in the local court where she lives now. But she could claim it was a gift. If nothing is in writing, it would be her word against yours. Use the Find a Lawyer tab to retain a local attorney where she now lives who can review the situation and advise you.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Business Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: I am so livid I am shaking!!!

Is this a case or am I just petty?

I am so livid I am shaking!!!

Andrew Popp
Andrew Popp answered on Apr 28, 2021

I'm sorry, no question is asked here. To determine if you have a viable case I recommend sitting down with an attorney who practices in the area of concern.

Best of luck.

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: Can a debt collector lawyer contact you and ask you to pay court costs for a case to then be dismissed?

Already went 1x to court and debt was paid. Now they asking for court costs to be paid. Is this common? How do you know if paying court costs will dismiss the case?

Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on Apr 14, 2021

Yes, they can as often times the debtor collector had to incur the costs of court before the debt was paid.

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: I was told today that I had to file bankruptcy in order for me to get garnishment payment lowered

I have a car I'm currently paying on and I dont want to lose my only transportation. I dont want it gone I just want it lowered to what I can afford.

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Apr 2, 2021

An Ohio attorney could advise best, but your post remains open for two weeks. You could repost under the Bankruptcy category. There's no guarantee that all questions are picked up, but a bankruptcy attorney would have better insight into the issues you describe than a small claims attorney... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: in the store I work at in ohio theft is rising. Is it legal to decide to use 17 year old stock workers as "security"?

Our store managers decided to use an extra stock worker to act as security and 2 of them were 17 year olds. I need to know if this is illegal.

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams answered on Mar 8, 2021,compensation%20he%2Fshe%20shall%20receive%20for%20each%20day%2C%20week%2C

1 Answer | Asked in Animal / Dog Law and Small Claims for Ohio on
Q: I was asked to petsit a guinea pig a few days. A friend of my ex roommate she really didn't even know me..

It's now been over a year and I messaged just to see if she ever intended to pick her up to which she said I can't pay you but if she's too much she could come get her she came in a ten gallon fish tank with a hide she could barely fit in.. knew nothing about guinea pigs but... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Mar 2, 2021

Attorneys who handle animal/dog law matters would be able to advise best, but you await a response for four weeks. Although we see our animals as family members, the general premise is that they are considered property. So it could probably be argued that the other person did not expressly abandon... Read more »

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