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COVID-19 Consumer Law Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Contracts and Civil Litigation for California on
Q: It is worth it to sue or take the $900.00 offered and live with the fact I was shafted?

Got covid on a cruise. Had to isolate after the cruise in Vancouver BC and pay out of pocket which was to be reimbursed by Royal Caribbean. Took many months but RC sent a check for $1700.00 to Hilton Grand Vacations in Utah as they were used to book the cruise. HGV then sent a check for $900.00... View More

James L. Arrasmith
James L. Arrasmith pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Mar 28, 2023

Whether or not it is worth it to sue or accept the $900.00 settlement offer will depend on the specifics of your case and your personal circumstances.

If you feel that you have a strong case and that you could potentially recover more than $900.00 by suing the cruise line or Hilton Grand...
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1 Answer | Asked in Collections and Consumer Law for California on
Q: what is the statute of limitation for a collection agency who took on a denied and dismissed UD, and i disputed/correcte

going thru 2 years of a malicious

landlord ex. last he falsly reported me and added 5 others to pay him for eviction aftermath and mayhem. during covid, noone was evicted his ud denied. yet he filed a 39,000 demand to col AGENCY. CAN I SUE COLL AGENCY, I ALREADY TRIED sc COURT HIM.

James L. Arrasmith
James L. Arrasmith pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Mar 11, 2023

The statute of limitations for a collection agency to sue you for a debt in California is typically four years from the date the debt became due and payable. However, the specific time limit may depend on the type of debt and the circumstances surrounding the debt.

In your situation, if the...
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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Business Law for North Carolina on
Q: Is this legal?

I recently hired a small cleaning service to deep clean my home and paid a $213 deposit. No contract was signed. The Monday prior to my Thursday appointment my family tested positive for covid. I contacted the business immediately. The owner has said that since she can’t find another appointment... View More

Lynn Ellen Coleman
Lynn Ellen Coleman
answered on Jan 6, 2022

Is it illegal as in the cleaning service can be charged with a crime? No. It's a dispute over the terms of a verbal contract. You say you were never told the deposit was non refundable. They say you were. With nothing in writing, this is a "he said, she said" situation with no... View More

2 Answers | Asked in Car Accidents, Consumer Law and Insurance Bad Faith for Georgia on
Q: I was in an accident, the police officer could not determine who was at fault (although it was evident).

I took this to small claims court to prove that I was not at fault and won my case. This accident happened in 2019 and I was diagnosed with cancer a month afterwards.

I had to request several contingencies due to radiation, chemotherapy, physical therapy and recovery time. During this time... View More

Titus Thomas Nichols
Titus Thomas Nichols pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Aug 11, 2021

They're going to try and scare you into accepting a lower amount of money by threatening to appeal.

You need an Attorney who will represent you in the appeal. Otherwise they will appeal the case a demand a jury trial.

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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Entertainment / Sports for New York on
Q: Lost racket at sports club,found by employee, left in their office and then disappeared from there. Can I take action?

I left my racket at a sports club of which I wasn't a member. The coach picked it up and confirmed by email that he had it and had left it in his office. Then the COVID crisis hit so I was unable to visit the club to pick it up. The staff member was furloughed and never returned. Now the club... View More

Gregory J. Tarone
Gregory J. Tarone
answered on Jul 10, 2021

Yes, you can bring an action for replevin to return your personal property to you. That email acknowledging possession is an indication of having possession of your chattel. Assuming the coach is an employee, the owner of the club is responsible also, so sue them both. If the racket is worth less... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Products Liability, Consumer Law and Contracts for California on
Q: Purchased vehicle sans title, 11/28/20 dealr convince me was coming mail, tags title never came.

Dealer is blaming the DMV for no's getting an obvious lie. Dealer puts me off his tag title company and him leave me stranded with expired tags and have excuses "it's Covid" and "it's a gov van".

Scott Richard Kaufman
Scott Richard Kaufman
answered on May 21, 2021

Seller must, by law, deliver "marketable title." Failure to do so is actionable. Contact the DMV Investigations unit and open an inquiry. Also, seek out a consumer protection attorney for more input.

2 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights, Consumer Law and Criminal Law for New Jersey on
Q: I am a victim of theft by deception $14K, i filed in township municipal court . is that the correct action.

2 desired outcomes i am looking for

- stop this crime from happening to others( looks like this contractor has already done this with many other homeowners in princeton, monroe,hillsborough,flemington,south brunswick )

- refund of my money

Leonard R. Boyer
Leonard R. Boyer pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Apr 1, 2021

This is a Civil case that must be filed in Superior Court, Law Division. As someone who has successfully handled a significant number of these cases, I can make some statements with a very high degree of certainty, which is good news for you. It is extremely rare that any Home Improvement... View More

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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Contracts for Ohio on
Q: Contract law

On July 20, 2020 I signed a contract for windows for my home (around $7,000). On 9/10 I got an e-mail telling me the windows would be ready 10/29. It is now 2/26/21 and they tell me they will install on 3/29. On 2/11/21 I sent them an e-mail stating that as a commission salesperson the bottom... View More

Joseph Jaap
Joseph Jaap
answered on Feb 26, 2021

A lawyer would have to review the actual contract terms to determine if you have a right to cancel, whether their delay was a breach of contract or if the virus lockdown excuses the delay, or whether they failed to comply with all the required consumer protection notices and right of cancellation... View More

2 Answers | Asked in Bankruptcy and Consumer Law for North Carolina on
Q: I brought a tanning bed from online.i only gave 2000 for payments was 80 a month.i got the bed in 2018.i made the

Covid hit.i lost my job and ended up having surgery too and couldnt work.the last couple of months i been paying 25 a month on it but they have hit me with late fees and i only gave 2000 or so for i owe 6000 thousand for a tanning bed.if i cant pay on it anymore due to being layed off from... View More

Lynn Ellen Coleman
Lynn Ellen Coleman
answered on Jan 25, 2021

Ms. cameron is correct. I would just add that they can't garnish your wages with a North Carolina judgment. If you bought the bed in NC its likely if you were sued, they would sue you in NC. If you bought the bed in TN or VA, wage garnishment is allowed if they sue you there and get a judgment... View More

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2 Answers | Asked in Consumer Law for California on
Q: All school are close because of COVID and doing home schooling cable company shut service off with no warning

And son got disconnected from class and my husband was in motorcycle accident and we had a appointment with his neurologist. I got laid off because off the Corona virus. I call cable company and told them the issue I had they said there is noting they can do about and I had to pay the bill. If I... View More

William John Light
William John Light
answered on Nov 26, 2020

Lots of places have free wifi. He will have to do his schoolwork there. His teachers may also be able to direct him on where to find free internet.

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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Small Claims for Tennessee on
Q: Being taken to court For a loan that was unpaid right before covid hit and we were laid off.

We were laid off and the courts want 16,17,18 tax returns, bank/financial statements none of those years were when the loan took place. Why do they need that? My husband is still unemployed and makes 412 a month I just got a job and wasn't employed up until that point

Anthony M. Avery
Anthony M. Avery pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Nov 18, 2020

That type of document production usually occurs in conjunction with post-judgment discovery in order for the judgment creditor to collect from you. You need to check with the Court to see if a Judgment has already went down against you two. Otherwise the creditor must anticipate a problem... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Estate Planning for Florida on
Q: My mother had 5 beneficiaries on her annuity she made me power of attorney specifically to remove 3 of those beneficiari

From her annuity leaving me and my sister Do I have the power as POA to remove individuals requested by my mother She could not sign the papers herself changing beneficiary because of the coronavirus which she died from And because access to her was restricted she gave me power of attorney to take... View More

Steven J. Fromm
Steven J. Fromm
answered on Nov 15, 2020

If you have not had any luck with the insurance company, your next step is to hire an estate attorney to talk to their legal department. If that does not help, then the insurance company will file most likely file an "interpleader" and turn the proceeds over to the court, to have them... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Consumer Law for California on
Q: I believe I have been discriminated against and there has been disparity in treatment against my as a member of Kaiser.

My (minor) daughter had a procedure in the Surgery Department of Kaiser Permanente. My wife and I were both present. I was told (during sign in) that only 1 parent would be allowed to be with the child/patient due to COVID restrictions. To which I replied, that I understood (which Is also written... View More

William John Light
William John Light
answered on Nov 12, 2020

I do not see a claim for discrimination. These protocols are applied to all of us. I, too, have had to wait outside the medical facility for my family member.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation, Consumer Law, Contracts and Entertainment / Sports for Massachusetts on
Q: Fitness training company charging me for services that were not provided. What are my options?

I signed up for personal fitness training with a company for 6 months from Dec-2019 to May-2020 ($600 for each month & 10 sessions each month). No services were provided between Mar 2020 to May 2020 due to COVID. The company was not reachable on phone during that time for cancellation enquiry.... View More

Christopher Tolley
Christopher Tolley
answered on Oct 9, 2020

Most lawyers' rates would make legal representation impractical. Look carefully at your contract and see what your options are. Contact your credit card company and have them stop the automatic payments. I suggest you consider filing a small claims suit yourself. If nothing else, it will get... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law for Massachusetts on
Q: My father passed away & left properties - if he for some reason still owes a mortgage - am I as a heir responsible?

I never co-signed for any loans! The properties are in Puerto Rico!

Christopher Tolley
Christopher Tolley
answered on Oct 6, 2020

If you did not sign for the loans, you cannot be held personally responsible. I assume the Puerto Rico mortgages, if any, are like Massachusetts mortgages, that empower the lender to sell the property to satisfy the debt, and in most cases if you wanted to stop the foreclosure sales payment... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Contracts for Ohio on
Q: Iij am asking for an elderly friend. His land lord is terminating his lease.. but the tenant does not want this..

He has lived here over 20 years. I know the land lord is terminating this lease because he cant raise the rent to what he gets from new tenants.. he also has wants to make renovations on this apartment. Wich I understand. But does my friend have to be homeless because of the landlords needs

Joseph Jaap
Joseph Jaap
answered on Sep 24, 2020

If the tenant's lease is not expiring, landlord cannot make him leave until the end of the lease term. But if the tenant's lease is expiring, then unless the lease gives tenant an automatic renewal or a right to renew, landlord is not under any obligation to renew or extend the lease... View More

2 Answers | Asked in Bankruptcy, Consumer Law and Small Claims for Florida on
Q: bank account garnish in small claim court in Polk county, where I live years ago.

when I found out my money was frozen that was giving to me, I did not know what to do. I did not know my rights. so, my husband file a emergency bankruptcy to get a stay. Not knowing I would have a right to ask for a claim of exemption and request for hearing in the court. We didn't file the... View More

Victoria Morales
Victoria Morales
answered on Sep 16, 2020

Once a bankruptcy case is dismissed, the Bankruptcy Court will not look any further into it, there is no case.

You do not specify under which classification you are entitled to an exemption of claim. If you are able to bring the evidence that proves your entitlement, then the Judge is...
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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law for Georgia on
Q: How can stores require that I wear a mask with these laws in place. How can I do this without breaking the law.
Paula J. Mcgill
Paula J. Mcgill
answered on Aug 20, 2020

Stores are private property. They can require customers to wear certain things to enter their store.

Before the pandemic, you saw on certain store doors, "NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE" It's the same concept.

3 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Consumer Law for California on
Q: Can I sue a grocery store for harassment and discrimination for not wearing a mask?

I, and a friend, were harassed and discriminated against by two employees for not wearing a mask while shopping at a local grocery store. I can't afford to hire an attorney, so I'll have to go pro per. Are there any cases for a similar lawsuit? Thanks.

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II
answered on Jul 30, 2020

The law, in the form of Executive Orders by the California Governor, makes it UNLAWFUL for you to refuse to wear a mask when going in public or into grocery stores. So you want to sue the store because they did not want you to break the law in the store.

Well, Sorry to tell you, they...
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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law for California on
Q: if I havent paid my rent for 3 months and I still havent been able to pay will that be marked on my credit?

Hi I’ am a resident in San Ramon California leasing an apartment. Me and my roommates were hit really hard by the pandemic. We have been laid off by our jobs and we havent been able to pay the partial amount of are rent for 3 months and my question was will this go on my credit if I was not able... View More

Scott Richard Kaufman
Scott Richard Kaufman
answered on Jul 27, 2020

IF whoever you pay rent to is a "credit reporter" then yes.

IF you end up getting evicted in a court of law, then yes.

IF you can work it out with your LL, then no.

Good luck with it.

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