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COVID-19 Civil Rights Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Employment Law for California on
Q: Is there any legal standing for harassment protection from being forced to wear a face mask as condition of employment?

I am being forced to wear a mask at my desk. I already got covid and recovered in a couple of days.

Louis George Fazzi
Louis George Fazzi answered on Feb 23, 2021

The short answer is no. Even though you were fortunate to recover from Covid-19, you can still spread the virus to others. Your employer is most likely required by your county health department to continue requiring all employees to wearing a mask if you are otherwise in an indoor, office setting... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Traffic Tickets and Cannabis & Marijuana Law for Texas on
Q: Can police legally unlock and search my glovebox without a warrant

I was recently stopped for an expired registration which if I'm correct right now is not even stoppable offense due to covid-19 and subsequently pulled out and surendered marijuana from my person to the officer he then without saying anything else to be watching his car got gloves one over to... Read more »

Brian Foley
Brian Foley answered on Feb 12, 2021

You're best legal challenge would be the reason for the initial detention. In Texas a police officer has to have reasonable suspicion that a traffic violation has occurred to pull over a vehicle. If the only reason the officer had to pull you over was the expired registration sticker it may... Read more »

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3 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights and Social Security for Texas on
Q: Hello, I applied for disability and now it has been 11 months and I haven’t heard anything back from the state.

Do I need a lawyer and how much will it cost?

Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Jan 28, 2021

Your 11 month wait for a disability decision from Social Security is about what I have been experiencing with my clients' cases since COVID. You can either call Social Security and ask about the status of your case or you can go to My Social Security and check for updates online.

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4 Answers | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Family Law for New Jersey on
Q: What do I do if it's my second time being falsely accused of domestic violence and I feel like I was discriminated

This time when I went to pick my child's from his house he dragged me out slashed my tires broke my phone in front of the kids

Leonard R. Boyer
Leonard R. Boyer answered on Dec 1, 2020

You really need to retain an experienced matrimonial attorney to obtain a Final Domestic Violence Restraining Order against him and contact the municipal prosecutor to file criminal charges against him. During this pandemic, you have a choice of either seeing your attorney in person or by way of a... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Family Law, Child Custody and Civil Rights for Texas on
Q: Is a court appointed lawyer just as good as a paid one

My so cruzs primary parent was his dad I have visitation rights nd all that I .I had bad issues with the law and depression. I have been maintaining well now for a long time.i moved to N.C. to have a better life i was going to fight for custody as soon as I had good time without trouble or drug use... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Nov 27, 2020

A Texas attorney could answer best, but your question remains open for two weeks. The short answer to your question is "yes." I know lawyers in the public sector who are exceptionally skillful advocates, bright, hardworking, and dedicated to their clients' interests. They would... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Family Law, Child Custody, Civil Rights and Domestic Violence for Nevada on
Q: I was granted temp custody in a tpo case in california. No other custody order was made and nevada became kids resident

I allowed extrnded visitation due to covid and to avoid stress on kids. Husband doesnt allow constant contact now and a child support lawsuit had been filed against me. What do i do? Do i file here in nevada or there in california?

Janice Jacovino
Janice Jacovino answered on Nov 18, 2020

Where to file depends a few factors.

- If you already have an open case then file where you have the open case.

- If you had a prior case that decided custody then you will either need to file in that state or file to domesticate/register your prior order in the new state. Once...
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1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Consumer Law for California on
Q: I believe I have been discriminated against and there has been disparity in treatment against my as a member of Kaiser.

My (minor) daughter had a procedure in the Surgery Department of Kaiser Permanente. My wife and I were both present. I was told (during sign in) that only 1 parent would be allowed to be with the child/patient due to COVID restrictions. To which I replied, that I understood (which Is also written... Read more »

William John Light
William John Light answered on Nov 12, 2020

I do not see a claim for discrimination. These protocols are applied to all of us. I, too, have had to wait outside the medical facility for my family member.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Public Benefits and Social Security for Washington on
Q: after the car has been towed for 45 days, the car has been sold by “Wallys towing”. What should I do?

I am an international student, and I had a car ins Seattle. Because of COVID-19, I planned to go back to my home country, and I will go back to America in next year. My friend who live in Seattle taken care my car, he parked my car on the side of the road, but the car was towed away. After the car... Read more »

Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Nov 12, 2020

Your problem should be dealt with under state or local city law. That means to get the right answer, you need to ask your questions to a Washington State attorney.

I am a Utah attorney. If a car is left too long in the public space in Utah, a tow company can tow it, and eventually sell it....
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1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Gov & Administrative Law for Georgia on
Q: If an individual has been in jail for 90 days and hasn't been indicted or granted bond,the judge is in violation of wha?
Jermario L Davis
Jermario L Davis answered on Oct 26, 2020

The statute that you are referring to is o.c.g.a. 17-7-50....if true, the judge would be required to set a reasonable bond upon petition by the Defendant. There are exceptions if the state intends to seek the death penalty. Specifically, the state can seek additional time (90 more days) to... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights for Florida on
Q: I have been denied medical care because I refuse to wear a mask and get temperature taken. Can someone help?
Charles M.  Baron
Charles M. Baron answered on Oct 26, 2020

As far as legal help, no. The medical provider is legally entitled to protect its staff and other patients from potential Covid carriers, which is most of the population. Also, even when there's no Covid, the first thing done by medical staff is to take your temperature and other vitals,... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Civil Litigation and Civil Rights for California on
Q: Can I file a lawsuit

I, an adult female, was asked to leave the dressing room because another female felt uncomfortable with me there along with a child. I believe after the employee realized I was a female and the child (11) is a male then went on to say it was because of the child being in there with females. I... Read more »

Yelena Gurevich
Yelena Gurevich answered on Sep 22, 2020

Did you file a report with a supervisor or manager? Do you have the contact information of the customer that requested you be removed? These type of cases are difficult to prove discrimination without much more information. The employee could have any number of reasons to ask you to leave,... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Identity Theft for California on
Q: High Risk for severe Covid, DA is recommending 6 years 8 months for 9 felony charges yet co-def got summery probation

Feb. 2020, while at court, I suffered a mild stroke, could barely form simple words, disoriented,etc. My attorney, knowing I did not want to plead guilty without a deal, entered guilty plea to 9 felony ID theft charges. I have several health issues which makes me high risk of severe Covid-19. The... Read more »

Rhonda Mae Hixon
Rhonda Mae Hixon answered on Sep 21, 2020

If you entered a plea at a time when you were not thinking clearly due to the stroke, you might want to have your plea withdrawn. Discuss this with your lawyer. If it was a 'good deal', and there are no problems of proof,for the DA, you may not want to. You might be looking at more time... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets, Criminal Law and Civil Rights for California on
Q: i was issued a ticket for driving on a suspended license expired registration i missed the courtdate do i have a warran


Douglas Hugh Ridley
Douglas Hugh Ridley answered on Sep 17, 2020

If you were issued an infraction or misdemeanor for driving on a suspended license and do not show up for the court date, the court will issue a warrant. It will probably be immediate, but there could be a slight processing delay (especially with Covid). The best solution is to go to that... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Contracts, Civil Rights and Small Claims for Indiana on
Q: signed up for dance lessons in Jan through May. I paid in advance.they refuse to give me partial refund

Signed up in january- for classes once a week until end of may.

They switched to online classes but since i have hardwood floors and not a lot of space and i was doing tap dance i asked for a refund, they said this was not to be inplace of a dance class. that it was just to keep your body... Read more »

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar answered on Sep 11, 2020

An Indiana attorney could answer best, as consumer issues could involve state law. But as a general matter of contract law, it could depend on how the agreement was written, in terms of how it addressed certain unforeseeable or foreseeable intervening events. These types of situations have... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights and Criminal Law for Colorado on
Q: A police officer was called out on a complaint, turned out to be civil. He performed a NCIC on the spot.

Found an outstanding warrant for me in FL. He threatened to arrest me if we returned to the property. This left us homeless, immediately, literally, and we lost most of our possessions that were left after moving due to COVID. We are now destitute. Was this legal for this officer to do this to me?

Mr.  H. Michael Steinberg
Mr. H. Michael Steinberg answered on Aug 27, 2020

I am very sorry for your situation but the short answer is yes - if the question is can the officer ran a criminal history on someone he legally contacts. If the warrant was out of state and a felony - he most likely would have arrested you and held you for extradition. Most often - when the... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Family Law, Child Custody and Civil Rights for Massachusetts on
Q: Do I need to attend the meeting before the pretrial conference? MA probate.

Custody battle. I am filing on terms of parental alienation, emotional and physiological abuse. There's a pre trial conference but the other parties lawyer emailed me stating the court requires a meeting beforehand. I don't feel comfortable speaking in this meeting with just myself and... Read more »

Lillian J. LaRosa
Lillian J. LaRosa answered on Aug 11, 2020

If there are no abuse protection restraining orders in place pre-pandemic there was a face to face 4 way meeting required for the parties and their counsel to attend in person sufficiently prior to the Pretrial Conference hearing date to attempt resolution or at least discussion to determine... Read more »

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2 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights for California on
Q: On what terms or civil code can I use to protect my rights NOT to use a face covering in any store or dental office?

I told dental office it went against my religious believes and it also posed a health risk to wear a mask. They allowed me services without wearing one but after I was finished and waiting to pay they asked me to put one on..again I told them I could they told me to find another dentist

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Aug 6, 2020

As far as I am aware you do not have the right to engage in acquisition or transmission of a communicable disease, which is why there are emergency regulations requiring you to wear a mask, even if it slightly infringes on your right to practice a religion. The rights granted to you by the Bill of... Read more »

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2 Answers | Asked in Contracts, Civil Rights and Education Law for Ohio on
Q: it Is legal for a public university to randomly require students to test for Covid and deny access to their class if not

Students will be randomly selected throughout the semester, 100 at a time. Students with no symptoms, no contact tracing, perfectly random. If they choose not to be tested they will be made to “ quarantine “until they comply. They will not be allowed to attend their classes. This is only for... Read more »

Matthew Williams
Matthew Williams answered on Aug 5, 2020

That’s a rather strange scheme. There’s little precedent on a lot of these issues. General, common sense health precautions are likely to be upheld in court. But this does seem wrongheaded. For one thing, with limited testing resources, it makes sense to focus on those with symptoms or probable... Read more »

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2 Answers | Asked in Real Estate Law and Civil Rights for Florida on
Q: can a condo association ban a person from own unit for not wearing a mask
Barbara Billiot Stage
Barbara Billiot Stage answered on Aug 4, 2020

It's depends on what you mean by "banning." The Condominium Act gives broad sweeping powers to the Board of Directors of a condominium association (COA) during a state of emergency. Those powers include the discretion to do what is necessary to protect the life, safety and health... Read more »

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3 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Consumer Law for California on
Q: Can I sue a grocery store for harassment and discrimination for not wearing a mask?

I, and a friend, were harassed and discriminated against by two employees for not wearing a mask while shopping at a local grocery store. I can't afford to hire an attorney, so I'll have to go pro per. Are there any cases for a similar lawsuit? Thanks.

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Jul 30, 2020

The law, in the form of Executive Orders by the California Governor, makes it UNLAWFUL for you to refuse to wear a mask when going in public or into grocery stores. So you want to sue the store because they did not want you to break the law in the store.

Well, Sorry to tell you, they...
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