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COVID-19 California Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Probate for California on
Q: How backed up is probate court to appoint somebody administrator?
James Edward Berge
James Edward Berge answered on Jun 8, 2021

It all depends on the court. The probate courts in San Francisco and Santa Clara County are not scheduling hearing dates for up to 3 months out from the filing of a petition for probate due to COVID.

2 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for California on
Q: My wife on a b/1b/2 visa got married to me a us citizen in California . Can she enter the United States again?

Before the pandemic started I got married to my wife in California. She currently is studying in Mexico and fully employed but I would like her to come visit me after the pandemic border restrictions are over. Can she still enter to the us without any problems? She has her visitors visa still... Read more »

Kyndra L Mulder
Kyndra L Mulder answered on Jun 2, 2021

Your wife should carry with her significant documentation to show that she is only coming to the USA to visit and she intends to return to Mexico. Because she is married to a USC their is a presumption that she intends to immigrate and her visitor visa may be cancelled.

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1 Answer | Asked in Estate Planning, Probate, Contracts and Real Estate Law for California on
Q: Can a person file probate lost will claim 10 years after they used same false documents in 2011 only to fail to show up

But took all assets and disappeared. Now back with same will after i paid off house and filed in blind behind my back duing lock down virus

Julie King
Julie King answered on May 26, 2021

It is difficult to know how to respond to your question without more information. Certainly, if someone has falsified a document and used it in court, there is no way a judge would allow the document to be used UNLESS no one testified or proved that the document was fake. On a different point, if... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for California on
Q: Can my apt manager keep the pool and playground closed,at the same time increase my rent?

The pool has been open a total of apprx. 2 1/2 mo. Since my 4 children and I moved in April 6th 2019. The pool man comes like clockwork every week to maintain the pool.The playground has been taped off since the beginning of the pandemic. There are no plans of reopening. My rent has gone up 3 xs.... Read more »

Alexander C. Safarian
Alexander C. Safarian answered on May 24, 2021

It depends on what your lease says about the amenities. Typically, amenities are not included in the lease and would have no bearing on your rent. You can ask your landlord about this and see what their position is.

1 Answer | Asked in Products Liability, Consumer Law and Contracts for California on
Q: Purchased vehicle sans title, 11/28/20 dealr convince me was coming mail, tags title never came.

Dealer is blaming the DMV for no's getting an obvious lie. Dealer puts me off his tag title company and him leave me stranded with expired tags and have excuses "it's Covid" and "it's a gov van".

Scott Richard Kaufman
Scott Richard Kaufman answered on May 21, 2021

Seller must, by law, deliver "marketable title." Failure to do so is actionable. Contact the DMV Investigations unit and open an inquiry. Also, seek out a consumer protection attorney for more input.

2 Answers | Asked in Employment Law and Gov & Administrative Law for California on
Q: I am a federal government employee. I am being forced to wear a mask because I will not get the COVID-19 "vaccination"

Wearing the cloth masks required do not prevent the COVID-19 virus from being breathed in. What legal grounds justify I wear something that does not protect me

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on May 18, 2021

As an employee you must comply with the dress code and uniform requirements of your employer. If the your employer required you to wear foil hats to prevent alien intrusion into your brain, you wear the aluminum hat. That is the nature of the employer-employee relationship. You do not get to... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law for California on
Q: Am I entitled to COVID sick leave pay if I was dr-exempted from work but I quit 2 wks BEFORE the new law came out?

i was off work accordingly to my doctor's exemption note from 1/21/21 - 2/11/21. I went back to work from 2/12/21 until about 3/10/21 which was my last day. The new 2021 covid law came out 3/29/21. Do I still get paid for my sick covid?

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on May 17, 2021

That is unlikely. The new law would have covered you if you had to miss work due to doctor ordered quarantine but because you quit before the law went into effect, you are not going to be eligible. Good luck to you.

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law for California on
Q: I’m being terminated at my job because I got a covid19 test at a medstat clinic for taking time off with flu-like sympt

I’m being fired because I didn’t inform them medstat had made me take a Covid test. Took my test 3/16, informed boss of positive results 3/22 when they came in.

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on May 7, 2021

You have asked no question. If you are wondering if it is lawful for your employer to terminate you because you did not disclose that you were having flu-like symptoms until 6 days later after you got the test results, the answer is yes. In this pandemic, employers have the awesome responsibility... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law for California on
Q: Can I sue my manager for hipaa violation?

I took a covid test and my manager sent me a text saying she “snuck on the covid site and seen my results” without me asking her to do so.

Neil Pedersen
Neil Pedersen answered on May 4, 2021

No. HIPAA is a medical provider and insurer statute, not an employer statute. However there are laws that protect an employee's medical privacy. That said, in today's climate there is nothing unlawful about an employer knowing your status as infected or not with the virus. Anyway, the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Contracts, Criminal Law and Real Estate Law for California on
Q: Landlord ?: can I technically give “1 day leases” with 0 tenant/landlord obligations to have a gathering during covid?

Technically couldn’t I give unlimited leases just for one day to have all attendees be considered “household members”

William Stanger
William Stanger answered on May 3, 2021

The one day lease isn't the problem. A contract (including a lease) is not valid if it has zero obligations. You are also limited in the number of legal tenants to two per bedroom. Further, it seems likely that such a lease would be deemed to have an "illegal purpose" and be void... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law for California on
Q: Neighbors turning on double flood lights which trespass directly into my second floor apt, all the way to my back wall.

I had a problem ten years ago, and now it is happening again with new tenants in this rental home property across the street. I alerted said neighbors to the issue, they explained homeless are trespassing onto the property. They turned on porch light and shut their gate for a few weeks. Now, the... Read more »

William Stanger
William Stanger answered on May 3, 2021

Depending on where you live, it may be a violation of a local law and contacting the City and waiting would be your cheapest option. I would also expect that you have a claim for private nuisance against the neighbor, and you could seek an injunction, but that would be expensive.

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Federal Crimes and Civil Litigation for California on
Q: Can I pursue federal court case against many neighbors engaged in harassment/threats of violence to family and I ?

Things started with neighbor whom moved out with harassment towards my family and I. A friend living across street from him then continued to do the same to us depriving us of peace in our own home. This is 24/7 and has been ongoing for over a year at least. Things have escalated, they’ve... Read more »

John Karas
John Karas answered on Apr 22, 2021

In order to file a lawsuit in Federal District Court, there has to be "diversity of citizenship" (meaning you live in 1 state while the defendants live in another). The amount of damages also has to be in excess of $75,000.

From what you've described, you have several...
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1 Answer | Asked in Immigration Law for California on
Q: Will adding a new joint sponsor online to ceac after being documentarily qualified for a while,put us back in line?

Our documents were accepted back in August 2020 and we got the email from NVC saying we are documentarily qualified and that we are in line for an interview . But our joint sponsor died due to Covid recently and I want to add the info of the new joint sponsor to ceac . My concern is will did put us... Read more »

Agnes Jury
Agnes Jury answered on Apr 20, 2021

NVC will review your file once again when they are ready to send your file to the Embassy for interview to request updates of any documents if needed. So if you have your documents uploaded by that time, they will review it and let you know if any additional documents are needed. It should not... Read more »

4 Answers | Asked in Bankruptcy and Collections for California on
Q: Bank of America is suing me for not paying business card debt of $7000. I feel this is unfair practice in a Pandemic

Bank of America is suing me for not paying business card debt of $7000. I offered them half, they didnt agree. I cant pay more since Covid has affected business and I need to pay my employees. $7000 is the pay of one employee in my office for 2 months. Bank of America is restricting my ability to... Read more »

Tristan Brown
Tristan Brown answered on Apr 17, 2021

I’m very sorry to hear about your current situation. The pandemic has placed countless individuals and businesses in detrimental positions due to little fault of their own. However, if the debt is legitimate, Bank of America has a right to file a lawsuit to recover the debt.

From my...
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2 Answers | Asked in Immigration Law for California on
Q: Petitioning my husband but I dont work . Our sponsor died due to Covid . Do I need a new sponsor ? What do I need to do

I am petitioning for my husband . Our I130 got approved last year . We sent all the documents to NVC and have been waiting in line for an interview at the ciudad Juárez consulate . I do not work so my uncle who works and lives in Seattle was our sponsor . He filed out an I864 and submitted... Read more »

Agnes Jury
Agnes Jury answered on Apr 16, 2021

You will need a new sponsor and you should upload the new I-864 to NVC along with proof of income so that NVC can screen the sponsor to make sure his income is sufficient. Your husband can explain the change of sponsors at the interview. Best wishes!

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1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury, Civil Litigation, Civil Rights and Constitutional Law for California on
Q: Where can I find an attorney that will take a prisoners rights case that contains deliberate indifference?

The incident involves State prison and correctional health executives transferring over 100 prisoners from a Covid19 Hotspot to another facility that had no Covid19 cases. I was among those at the receiving facility who then became ill as a result of that transfer. The executives acted with... Read more »

Louis George Fazzi
Louis George Fazzi answered on Apr 10, 2021

You can find many good law firms in and around Oakland and San Francisco who are experts in civil rights cases of the kind you describe. It seems you already have developed a good bit of evidence to support your case. I suggest you prepare a chronology of the events, if you haven't already... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Estate Planning and Probate for California on
Q: Hi...I live in California (LA County). My wife was the sole beneficiary on her older brother's 401k account.

Her brother died of Covid on January 19th. My wife then died of Covid 4 days later. What happens to the 401k account? Her brother had a daughter, but she wasn't listed as a beneficiary. Does the 401k pass to the daughter, or does it go to my wife's estate?

Jeffrey Louis Gaffney
Jeffrey Louis Gaffney answered on Mar 29, 2021

It should go to your wife's estate.

A Will or a Trust normally has provisions regarding this sort of situation, but unless the 401K administrator had the brother sign something unusual, then the money would still go to the estate of your wife. But check with the administrator.

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1 Answer | Asked in Landlord - Tenant for California on
Q: Served a 30 day notice to vacate and can't afford the rent do to pandemic. What rights do I have during covid 19

Should I treat this as a eviction?

Maurice Mandel II
Maurice Mandel II answered on Mar 19, 2021

This notice may be invalid because if this is a residence, the minimum notice is 60 days, not 30, except in special circumstances. If you were there at least one year, you may also be entitled to a move out allowance equal to 30 day's rent. You should consult with a local Tenant's... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Contracts and Business Law for California on
Q: I sigmed a stipulation for a default judgment. Next month i am retired and i cannot pay anymore. Any solution?
Julie King
Julie King answered on Mar 19, 2021

You have three choices: (1) you can call the company and see if they will restructure the debt, although they are not obligated to do so, since you already have a contract to repay; (2) do nothing and you will have a judgment entered on your credit records and will likely be subpoenaed to attend a... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Personal Injury and Health Care Law for California on
Q: Hello. I have been waiting for a tonsillectomy for over 2 month now.

They have failed to provide me with information about what had to be done in order to fix a mistake with my insurance and were giving me misleading information. At the end of all, it appeared to be that someone made a mistake and my insurance was wrongly put in. I have been waiting for a long time,... Read more »

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on Mar 15, 2021

more facts needed.

during covid, everything is upside down.

if they did anything wrong it sounds like damages might be less than $10k.

thus you could consider small claims court.

however, I would write out a demand before doing anything and after seeing a lawyer.

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