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Oklahoma Small Claims Questions & Answers
0 Answers | Asked in Consumer Law and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: A chiropractor attempted to charge my credit card a 225$ - (automatic draft permission signed by me after I informed

him in writing that I would not be returning. I blocked him from charging my card any more fees at the time I cancelled because I suspected he would try to get more money. I cancelled his services as he said I could and when I cancelled, he agreed I owed him nothing. The question is - he clearly... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Personal Injury, Juvenile Law, Small Claims and Education Law for Oklahoma on
Q: Can a 13 year-old be charged for telling another 13 year-old to kill themselves if it leads to an attempt or planning?

My niece was humiliated at her school’s lunch, given a list of people who dislike her, and was told to kill herself. She then had a breakdown immediately following and the school had to send her to the hospital where she was referred to a child’s psychiatric unit in Tulsa, OK. I was told she... View More

Timothy Carignan
Timothy Carignan
answered on Nov 3, 2023

There have been cases of juveniles prosecuted for bullying a person to death. The schools will do something in their control to discipline these children, but there's a good chance they won't contact the police or Child Services in an attempt to minimize the exposure. If they don't,... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: What is the pettiest theft? A pencil? a bic lighter? What amount specifically begins to count as petty theft

Can it count as emotional damage?

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on Jul 31, 2023

An Oklahoma attorney could advise best, but your question remains open for two weeks. This is something that criminal defense attorneys would know best. Some questions go unanswered, but you could try reposting under Criminal Law. Good luck

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Small Claims, Personal Injury and Banking for Oklahoma on
Q: seeking advice and assistance for a potential case against the consumer reporting agency, Experian, TransUnion, Equifax

I believe that my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other relevant laws have been violated. The FCRA (15 USC 1681 section 602 a) establishes the need for consumer reporting agencies, such as Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax, to exercise their responsibilities with fairness,... View More

John Michael Frick
John Michael Frick
answered on Mar 16, 2023

Your post does not contain a question. You might try to rephrase.

If you are asking what kind of lawyer you should look for in the circumstances described, I would recommend you search for a lawyer who practices consumer law in or near the county where you anticipate filing suit....
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1 Answer | Asked in Real Estate Law and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: If I’m representing myself how do I respond to quiet title

So the lady about the house from died she had a guardian that’s trying to take me to court for the house and trying to quiet title I am representing myself I need to know how to respond to that quiet title

Anthony M. Avery
Anthony M. Avery pro label Lawyers, want to be a Justia Connect Pro too? Learn more ›
answered on Aug 29, 2022

If you believe you have an ownership interest, and/or live there, you will have to hire an attorney. Quiet Title Actions are usually complex. To start with, have you even searched the Title?

1 Answer | Asked in Bankruptcy, Health Care Law, Small Claims and Collections for Oklahoma on
Q: im being sued by a hospital for not paying back a debt that i have partially paid back. it says i need to write a letter

i tried using the Solo suit but my petition seems different that what its asking. can anyone help me?

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on May 17, 2022

This is something that an Oklahoma attorney is best suited to advise on, but your question remains open for four weeks. If this is something in the lawsuit stage, an ordinary letter might not suffice as a response. There could be more formal legal responses needed. Unfortunately, it's... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Constitutional Law, Federal Crimes and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: So during covid and everyone one was supposed to stay in their home two weeks lockdown I was kicked out of mine for two

For two months I was kicked out by the judge when my roommate filed protection order which I later proved it all to be wrong and falsified to wear to judge turn around and put one on the roommate I had no clothes except for what was on my back that I was allowed to get nothing and at that time you... View More

Michael Hamilton Rodgers
Michael Hamilton Rodgers
answered on Aug 9, 2021

Wow, you really are going to need a good lawyer.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Contracts, Collections and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: In the state of Oklahoma can a creditor or a repo man pay somebody to tell them where a car is that's up for repo?
Anna L Self
Anna L Self
answered on Jul 13, 2021

I am not aware of any law that would prohibit this so I believe they could.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: Hello, I have a law firm contacting me about Capital one suing me for a debt from 2004. Aren’t I passed the SOL?
Charles Watts
Charles Watts
answered on Jun 21, 2021

It depends on when the account was officially closed. Theoretically there is a SOL but that may not even start for years after you think it started. Contact an attorney that can delve into this in more detail.

2 Answers | Asked in Real Estate Law, Probate and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: Why can't lawyer tell me if my deceased friend left a Will. I am on all of his bank accounts.

I am beneficiary of two money market accounts and on his checking accounts. He had a woman living at his home who had undue influence on him. He was elderly and felt sorry for her. He had lawyer draw up a Transfer Upon Death to turn over his house to this woman upon his death. He died April... View More

James Tack Jr
James Tack Jr
answered on May 10, 2021

Sorry for the loss of your friend. The transfer on death deed must be acceped by the beneficiary by filing an affidavit within 9 months of the date of death. If that is not done, the real property becomes property of the Estate. If that is the case, the estate would have to be probated for good... View More

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1 Answer | Asked in Contracts, Real Estate Law, Collections and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: ) I have questions regarding the validity of a judgement in Canadian Co. from 2009 that according

To the title company would be subject to being satisfied from my portion of the real estate equity, just recently having acquired, in a joint tenancy along with my sister and one of their spouses, days prior to my moms death she requested we file a deed transferring ownership. The judgement is in... View More

James Tack Jr
James Tack Jr
answered on Apr 15, 2021

Judgments can be liens on real property of the judgment debtor once they are filed of record. Generally, the lien lasts for 5 years but they can be extended for successive 5 year periods. You would have to consult with an attorney with all of your documents to determine if the judgment is still a... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Insurance Bad Faith and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: My step mom forged my name on an life insurance policy that I was the only beneficiary on to herself. What can I do.

She broke into my house and stole the documents and, put in a change of address for mail to go from my house to hers. She also forged my signature to change the amount of the policy.

Charles Watts
Charles Watts
answered on Feb 9, 2021

You need to contact the insurance company immediately and notify them. My advice is get a Post Office Box and send a formal letter to the insurance company giving them that address. Most likely you will need to file a police report for the criminal actions that took place, which I see at least 4... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation, Construction Law and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: On title 47 section 901 I had only abandoned vehicle for two hrs or less do I have a law suite?
Charles Watts
Charles Watts
answered on Feb 8, 2021

This can dependent on who removed the vehicle and from where. If the vehicle was on private property then §901 would not apply and therefore the 48 hours that you are wanting to enforce is not applicable because the land owners rights supersede your vehicle rights. If the vehicle was removed by... View More

2 Answers | Asked in Estate Planning and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: My boyfriend's mother died with no will, his grandparents took the deed and the death certificate. What can he do?

The grandparents are taking things from the house and they say the house is theirs just because they have the deed (that isn't in their name). My boyfriend just turned 18 and has no idea what to do or who to talk to. Also the property value is under 50,000

Ben F Meek III
Ben F Meek III
answered on Dec 30, 2020

If mom died single (unmarried), the grandparents most likely have no right to the property they are taking. Your boyfriend and his siblings, if any, would be the mom's heirs but the grandparents would not. Taking possession of a deed that has been recorded in the land records would not... View More

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1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: Can anyone point me to case law or anything that defines “reasonable effort” please.
Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on Nov 15, 2020

An Oklahoma attorney could advise best, but your post remains open for two weeks. As a general matter, that could be a difficult search query because it could be somewhat broad, coming up in cases ranging from physical injury to debt collection to criminal law. It could possibly yield irrelevant... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Business Formation, Business Law, Consumer Law and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: How would I go about filling a claim against a company for False Advertisement on a large scale, hundreds of cases

I have contacted the BBB sent and the claim was resolved being that I was given assurance of my product being where it needed to be at a certain date and they emailed me (this was about 6 months ago) so.. I resolved it with the BBB thinking that everything was good yet they have continued to False... View More

Tim Akpinar
Tim Akpinar
answered on Jul 12, 2020

An Oklahoma attorney could advise best, as your matter could involve elements of state consumer law, but you await a response for two weeks. If you are contemplating handling the matter yourself, small claims, which you have already included in your categories, could be the most economical solution... View More

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Federal Crimes, Landlord - Tenant and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: What can I do about a previous landlord opening my mail?

He refused to give me my mail so I had a cop go to his house to get it for me. My mail had been opened and he lied and told the cop his teenage son opened it. I have texts from his son stating he didn’t open it and he wasn’t even aware that I had gotten mail there

Brian Boeheim
Brian Boeheim
answered on Jun 17, 2020

Taking and opening someone else mail is a Federal Offense. Call the United States Postal Service and ask to speak with an investigator on an issue of mail tampering.

1 Answer | Asked in Small Claims and Real Estate Law for Oklahoma on
Q: My mother passed in January, she was single and I'm her only child but there's no will stating who gets the house. What

Do I do? Or have to do to get my Mother's house?

Matt Fleischer
Matt Fleischer
answered on Mar 28, 2020

I’m sorry for your loss. You will have to probate her estate in the county where she resided when she passed. However, if you are her only heir, it should be relatively inexpensive and fast, especially if her entire estate was worth $200,000 or less.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Lemon Law and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: Car dealer wont let me return after 2 weeks of issues, says will look like repo and hurt my credit.

Bought car 2 wks ago. Issues since day 3, check engine light came on, returned to shop ON day 3, drove home a week later, 24 hrs later, check engine light again. Didnt drive for a few days, keyfob died and couldnt start car. Frustrated. Talked to shop about returning car, said that the 'return... View More

David Humphreys
David Humphreys
answered on Jan 6, 2020

Google for a consumer lawyer with a free case review and email or call.

Too complicated to answer in the space provided.

1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law and Small Claims for Oklahoma on
Q: I am being sued, and they said I was served but I wasn’t. Can this civil lawsuit be dropped on that basis?

The judgement was defaulted in the amount of $1550, since I didn’t appear because I wasn’t served at all.

Doak Willis
Doak Willis
answered on Nov 4, 2019

Yes but you must file the necessary paperwork immediately and be ready to prove you were in fact not served.

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