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Illinois Civil Rights Questions & Answers
0 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights and Domestic Violence for Illinois on
Q: Is a judge in a civil case obligated to do anything if video footage of physical abuse is presented?

During a Civil Trial in which the judge granted my ex an order of protection me, i presented video footage of my ex physically assaulting me. I asked the judge if he would help me seeing as I was in an abusive relationship and he stated this was a civil matter and the state would not do anything to... Read more »

0 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights for Illinois on
Q: SECTION 22. RIGHT TO ARMS What to do if the law known as "Protect Illinois Communities Act" is unconstitutional?

Illinois Constitution specifically says in SECTION 22. RIGHT TO ARMS: Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

This law infringes on every citizen's rights to arms. Nowhere in the Constitution does it limit... Read more »

0 Answers | Asked in Contracts, Civil Rights and Communications Law for Illinois on
Q: Hello I need your help, please a recommendation, or something My ex Renter doesn't wanna give back my deposit back

I moved from the house where I was renting and I had given a deposit of $1,100 and soon after I vacated the house I took out all my things.Handed the Owner His keys , The owner came and I asked him about my deposit and he said NO! That according to him, the Deposit is used and covers all the... Read more »

0 Answers | Asked in Employment Discrimination, Employment Law, Civil Rights and Environmental for Illinois on
Q: I work for the state of ill. Dhs. I have asked for special accommodation and they have refused. Can I sue

I have allergic reactions when sitting at the front desk/first floor in the office. The reactions are debilitating and require medical/emergency attention, medications and inability to work. I have been denied an excuse from working the front desk and constantly have to be absent from work. I was... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights, Domestic Violence and Federal Crimes for Illinois on
Q: I got a car n put n kids name n umdrive under her cuz I'm revoked. I paid 4 this car n she got mad at me n reported it s

Stolen. Im disabled n won't survive prison. She also put a op on me. She's extorting me I was told n is becoming extremely ruthless she even admits the car is mine n had til Jan 5 to get it out of her nane

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Dec 14, 2022

You clearly need an attorney to handle your criminal cases, especially given the circumstances, as you stated yourself you are facing with a possibility of imprisonment.

Also, it you cannot afford an attorney ask the judge to appoint a Public Defender to represent you at no charge if...
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1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Juvenile Law for Illinois on
Q: I am the boyfriend of a parent and her son is being questioned, fingerprinted,etc. Why can I not go back with them?

Even though my girlfriend (the mother) wanted me to, the cop said parents only. Is this true?

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Oct 11, 2022

As you have learned , that is exactly right. As a boyfriend you are legally not a family member and have no legitimate authority to request any accommodation with respect of another person’s child.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Internet Law and Criminal Law for Illinois on
Q: what to do when police and media publish false statements to community of a person arrested for 1st degree murder

our small town corruption is all over this town the police are bias to me and my family to a point they do not help us and crimes commited against us are either flipped or completely ignored all together like a home invasion was committed at my home i had it on video and the police caught them in... Read more »

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Aug 31, 2022

Any criminal arrest may be discovered publicly. The charging decision lies with the prosecution after a felony review, based on the police investigation and other existing evidence.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation and Federal Crimes for Illinois on
Q: I would like to file a civil lawsuit against someone for money that was borrowed, fraud, and emotional distress.

I am from Illinois but the individual has moved to New York. The amount is over $10,000. I am currently in litigation with this person for a different matter. If I file a civil suit, would I be able to serve him during our upcoming family court hearing (it's via Zoom)? We both have attorneys.... Read more »

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Aug 9, 2022

You are represented by a licensed counsel and it would be improper to suggest any course of action remotely without any case familiarity or case review by anyone.

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Identity Theft and Land Use & Zoning for Illinois on
Q: First of all house. My house at 7229 South Harvard in Chicago they took me to court I w o n of my case a rule 23 return

The managers in the work program man have stole all my stuff then I got me to the other building they change my rent to $1,000 or $37,000 I they won't take me to court and I can't get nobody help me how to build a change my property my unit told me I wasn't the owner but they... Read more »

Charles Candiano
Charles Candiano
answered on Jun 23, 2022

Please read:

You must ask a coherent question or NOBODY can help you.

Reciting rambling facts with no syntax wastes your time and ours because it is unintelligible.

Never use proper names in an online post. Your question is supposed to be anonymous.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Federal Crimes for Illinois on
Q: Do people in stolen vehicles get 4th amendment rights? Does it matter if they know that the vehicle is stolen?
William Wolf
William Wolf
answered on Mar 20, 2022

People have 4th Amendment rights to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. The question here, is whether the search or seizure was reasonable.

There isn't enough information to answer the question. You need to see an experienced criminal defense lawyer to answer whether...
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1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law and Criminal Law for Illinois on
Q: Police come to a hotel room in which there are guest, stating one of the guest has a warrant in another county, but no

Warrant was found, and no outside indication that the guest was even there. Room is searched, guest gets charged with everything in it despite the occupant being on probation and having an ankle monitor which was also a present violation as the person the occupant wasn't to be around was in... Read more »

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Feb 22, 2022

So you hope to dispose of that criminal case by way of a random online paragraph without any case review?

Will never happen.

Discuss your criminal exposure and a viable plan of action with a licensed and reputable criminal law attorney of your choice.

1 Answer | Asked in Bankruptcy, Business Formation, Business Law and Civil Rights for Illinois on
Q: I started a nail salon with someone. She didn’t have money to start it so I let her borrow from me but we didn’t make a

We didn’t make a contract. We worked for a month and a half now but we fell into a disagreement and she left and won’t respond to my calls. I’ve been working alone without even paying myself. How do I proceed from here when she won’t respond to any of my messages and calls.

Timothy Denison
Timothy Denison
answered on Jan 26, 2022

If there’s no agreement, just move forward as if the salon is yours. She has no interest since she provided no investment.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Domestic Violence and Sexual Harassment for Illinois on
Q: What do I do for myself my mother tried to chew off my sexual organ at eight years old lied to the police and chestnut

She is a murderer and a psychopath every time I contact a lawyer they try to lie and say they do not work with my case type

Charles Candiano
Charles Candiano
answered on Dec 29, 2021

What do you want to do?

How old are you now?

Injury to your genitalia is an intentional act which means that it CANNOT be covered by insurance. This means that no attorney is going to spend their money to get a judgment that she can make worthless by filing bankruptcy. You would...
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1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Federal Crimes for Illinois on
Q: If a person falsely claims they are an FBI agent in text & wants me to call them, can I record them without permission?

A person has texted me claiming to be an FBI agent from Wilmington, DE. He wants me to call him. Can I record the conversation without his permission to get audio evidence of the crime he already committed in text? Also, which law would be applied if I did and it was illegal...Illinois' or... Read more »

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Dec 22, 2021

Illinois is a two party consent state, so you may not record a party without their consent, however, you could promptly contact the police and show the incriminating texts for an investigation.

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law and Civil Rights for Illinois on
Q: I'm on probation in Lima Ohio and supervision thru Indiana but I violated Lima probation my ex girl came around me

My ex girl friend came around me but wasn't post to be around and now Indiana wanna have warrent for me for a hearing to see what they wanna do I did not catch no new charges

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Dec 10, 2021

It appears that your freedom is on the line for your stated alleged violation o probation, which, as you may know by know, may result in your imprisonment for the duration of your term.

I assume you want to stay outside and that requires an immediate effort on your part to contact a...
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1 Answer | Asked in Consumer Law, Civil Rights and Internet Law for Illinois on
Q: Lawsuit I need pls no Illinois or Minneapolis lawyer pls agsinst a Illinois judge Shapiro he giving my wife spcL treat

marie the one who has Illinois judge Shapiro an special treatment personal against me

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Dec 6, 2021

Even generally, in order to assess your particular legal situation involving a certain judge you must discuss all facts and details directly with a LICENSED attorney in the jurisdiction where you think the action took place.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Civil Rights and Federal Crimes for Illinois on
Q: Can someone be charged and held in prison under an alias name?

My father was a teenager when he was charged of committing murder in the 90’s. He is under a different name. When you search him , they have his birthday and a alias name.

Alexander Ivakhnenko
Alexander Ivakhnenko
answered on Nov 15, 2021

Yes, criminal charges are possible when the law-enforcement does not know the actual, legal, or true name of the suspect, so, the charges may be filed under any name available or given to the authorities. As in the case with your family member you could see that could happen.

1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law, Personal Injury, Civil Rights and Employment Discrimination for Illinois on
Q: Hello. I believe that I have solid discrimination case against my employer. I would like to get a legal perspective.

I believe that I am being wrongfully discharged and I need legal advice. My doctor’s recommendation against my taking vaccinations due to previous medical reactions were rejected by my employer. I also have religious beliefs that do not support my taking the vaccines. My employer fraudulently... Read more »

Charles Candiano
Charles Candiano
answered on Nov 15, 2021

Sorry, but it is a slam-dunk loser. Every court that has addressed compulsory vaccination has found that it was merited. If your children are not vaccinated (against childhood diseases), they CANNOT attend public school. Why should you have an additional opportunity to become infected and to... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Cannabis & Marijuana Law, Criminal Law and Civil Rights for Illinois on
Q: In Illinois, would finding less than 5grams of marijuana on person be considered probable cause to search vehicle?

Pulled over for license plate light and came back clean when running license. Pulls me out of car, and I had .5g or less and he said that gave him probable cause to search. It's not illegal to be in possession of marijuana in Illinois so why would that give him probable cause? I believe my... Read more »

Dan Nold
Dan Nold
answered on Oct 25, 2021

It’s illegal to possess marijuana in a vehicle unless it is basically in store packaging. So the search was probably legal. You should have an attorney evaluate the evidence for potential motions or to negotiate on your behalf.

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