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Social Security Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for Mississippi on
Q: Can SSDI or a vehicle be used to pay a judgement?

I am on disability and on Monday I had a judgement put against me for a credit card. The amount is under $3000. I have a 2010 Chrysler and a joint bank account with my husband. Can they place the judgement against the bank and make me sell my car?

Brad A. Thomas
Brad A. Thomas answered on Dec 4, 2020

Private creditors are not allowed to levy your SSDI benefits to pay back your debt. The exception to this is if you owe federal debt to the IRS, child support, alimony, federal student loans, or court ordered victims restitution. SSI benefits cannot be levied or garnished by anyone. The second... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for California on
Q: Social Security question.

'm mentally disabled since 18. I get social security. I'm 58. I saved 20,000 and want to buy gold in two 10,000 installments. I will have to deposit 9000 or so in my bank account twice. Most will be taken out the next day or so after I buy the gold. Should I worry about the temporary... Read more »

Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Dec 4, 2020

Depending on what type of benefits you receive, keeping a savings may end your benefits. Need based benefits are tied to the $2,000 limit.

Other benefits are not tied to this limit. Call SSA and verify what sources your benefits come from and ask what limits apply to each benefit. You...
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1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for Kentucky on
Q: can i apply for my daughters ssi? she has been diagnosed since birth.

we don't know if she will ever walk. she needs continuous therepy

Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Dec 4, 2020

If she is still a minor, you can apply for her and collect the benefits to spend on her. If she is an adult, you can still help her apply, but SSA will decide who receives the benefits to pay for her needs. SSA will help you and your daughter get it all figured out.

1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for Ohio on
Q: How do you fix a social security number issue with twins that some how got there number mixed up

One sister bought a car on the other sister social security number

Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Dec 1, 2020

Each one should take great care to keep her Social Security number confidential. It is part of her identity and bad things can happen if you Social Security number is being used illegally. That being said, it does occasionally happen that more than one person uses the same Social Security number,... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Social Security on
Q: What is the distinction between “Social insurance” and “Social assistance?”
Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Nov 28, 2020

There are several major U.S. programs of social insurance. The largest is the Federal Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance System, usually referred to as social security, which provides retirement benefits, survivors' benefits, and benefits to the permanently and totally disabled. The... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Divorce and Social Security for Georgia on
Q: Do you have to give half of your inheritance to your spouse if it was gifted to you from someone if your divorce
Regina Irene Edwards
Regina Irene Edwards answered on Nov 26, 2020

No, an inheritance remains separate property, as long as it is kept separate.

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1 Answer | Asked in Employment Law and Social Security for Ohio on
Q: Are there laws regarding employers changing the retirement date set forth by employee ?

My sister has given the company she has worked for almost 20 years a Jan 31st, 2021 retirement date. They have come back with a Dec 31st, 2020 date. She has been top salesperson for years and has made them millions of dollars. Her social security starts in Feb 2020. She opted for Jan 31st so... Read more »

Neil Klingshirn
Neil Klingshirn answered on Nov 20, 2020

Your sister gets to choose when she wants to retire. If the company ends her employment before that, it is called termination. She would be entitled to unemployment compensation benefits at least until she retired and, if she proved that her age or some other unlawful reason motivated her... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Social Security and Wrongful Death for New York on
Q: Can I sue my brother in law for assaulting me( about 12 years ago plus).

He tried to kill me fractured my Tibia Fibia. He was going for my head he damage my left elbow (as I cover up). He came in defense of his sister my wife. And began battering me with his bat. However, I was charge with domestic violence after I woke up from a coma. When I woke up I was told I was... Read more »

Peter Wade Kolp
Peter Wade Kolp answered on Nov 19, 2020

Short answer is no.

Like many states, New York’s law sets time limits for a host of specific crimes. For crimes not specifically listed in the statute, a general statute of limitations applies based on the category of the crime. The general time limits are:

five years for felony...
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1 Answer | Asked in Child Support, Securities Law, Social Security and Tax Law for North Dakota on
Q: Is there a legal way to be exempt from paying tax? Also a legal way to cash out all of your social security?

I want to be able to have money for my retirement or to leave to my children when I pass away with the New president election for 2020 im afraid I will loss all the money put into my social security over the years and im not willing to risk that because are new president wants to change are... Read more »

Lucas Wynne
Lucas Wynne answered on Nov 19, 2020

Although you cannot avoid taxes, you may want to look into trusts in South Dakota.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Social Security and Family Law for Indiana on
Q: If i where to get married, and then in the future need to go on disability (due to health) would i be able to get ssdi

My partner may also have to get on it but we want to get married. Neither of us are currently on it . We live in Indiana but may move to Michigan or Wisconsin

Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Nov 15, 2020

Marriage does not affect SSDI. To be able to get SSDI, you would have to have worked long enough and recently enough to be fully insured. In most cases, you must have earned at least 20 credits during the last 10 years. You earn work credits and become insured for Social Security retirement, SSDI... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Tax Law and Social Security for Pennsylvania on
Q: Unrecorded income


Income I made from 1992 to 1994 was not recorded even if I filed my taxes for those years. I contacted my ex-employer and they gave me a confirm letter with my salaries for the years I worked, but the letter is not considered as proof by the social security office. I just dont know... Read more »

Steven J. Fromm
Steven J. Fromm answered on Nov 15, 2020

If you have copies of your tax returns for those years, I would call the social security administration to see if they could update their records accordingly. If they cannot do it, then this gets to be a harder task. You could contact the IRS (good luck with that these days with their limited... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for New York on
Q: Hi yes I have a couple questions I will be 65 in a couple months Every time I call Social Security to see how much money

I will make it’s always the different amount I asked him what was the formula they use and they said 35 years of your year work and divide by 12 that would give me my monthly benefits well it’s not the same as theirs

Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Nov 14, 2020

Try calculating your Social Security retirement this way:

Step 1: Use your earnings history to calculate your Average Indexed Monthly Earnings (AIME). Use your earnings statement that Social Security has - you can find your record on your My Social Security account. The AIME calculation...
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1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for Georgia on
Q: Does the 650 rent I pay get deducted from the income I make at Publix that I report to SSI. I don't understand

My daughter is going to live on her own and works at Publix. She receives SSI. Her income affects her benefit. Her rent will be 675 a month. Will that be deducted from her income she makes?

Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Nov 13, 2020

No, your daughter's rent is not deducted from the income she makes for SSI purposes.

Since she is living on her own and paying her own rent, Social Security will not reduce her SSI payments for that reason. The rule is that a person's SSI payment is reduced by one-third if the...
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1 Answer | Asked in Civil Rights, Public Benefits and Social Security for Washington on
Q: after the car has been towed for 45 days, the car has been sold by “Wallys towing”. What should I do?

I am an international student, and I had a car ins Seattle. Because of COVID-19, I planned to go back to my home country, and I will go back to America in next year. My friend who live in Seattle taken care my car, he parked my car on the side of the road, but the car was towed away. After the car... Read more »

Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Nov 12, 2020

Your problem should be dealt with under state or local city law. That means to get the right answer, you need to ask your questions to a Washington State attorney.

I am a Utah attorney. If a car is left too long in the public space in Utah, a tow company can tow it, and eventually sell it....
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1 Answer | Asked in Social Security on
Q: As a minor, do I own my social security card and number?
Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Nov 12, 2020

It depends on the situation. The government issues the number and card, so in the end the government owns it. Something valuable that needs to be protected like the SS Card can be held by a guardian or conservator for a minor. If you live with a parent that has custody over you, they could hold it... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Health Care Law and Social Security for Virginia on
Q: What should I do

I went into a nursing home right after hip surgery for less than a month. Well no one at social security office changed my address and now they are deducting a yrs worth out of my check because they claim I was in a nursing home a yr. I was in only for 24 days. So I told them well one agent... Read more »

Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Nov 9, 2020

Keep talking to SSA. Attorneys frequently work out deals for payment, and later SSA changes things on them. In this case, it sounds like if you get paid for the missing year, your attorney might actually get more money. I would at least discuss the situation with your attorney to find out what they... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Personal Injury, Health Care Law, Medical Malpractice and Social Security for Minnesota on
Q: Can I sue a med clinic/neuropsychologist for misdx of Early Onset Alz & not releasing med records to Mayo for tx?

Neuropsychologist told me I had Early Onset Alzheimer's (runs in my family), that I couldn't work anymore or be able to learn any new training/job. She later changed her report to say I had Mild Cognitive Impairment, Amnestic Type.

I went to Mayo in Rochester for a 2nd opinion... Read more »

Brad A. Thomas
Brad A. Thomas answered on Nov 9, 2020

If you have a scheduled hearing coming up then you need to find a disability attorney as soon as possible because going to a Social Security Disability hearing on your own is not a good idea. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the page, or call NOSSCR Lawyer Referral... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for Florida on
Q: I downloaded ssa form 795 (at the suggestion of the SSA cust Serv rep) to request all the backpay from ssi disability.

They are currently spreading out the payments for back pay over a year's time period. (I have already received the first payment of backpay). I am currently homeless and won't be able to purchase anything with only the first of three payments. I'm not sure HOW to ask this on the... Read more »

Susan Michele Schaefer
Susan Michele Schaefer answered on Nov 6, 2020

The amount of your installment payments for back pay from Social Security can be increased if you can demonstrate necessary medical needs or debts that relate to necessities, such as housing, food, clothing, or medically necessary services, supplies, equipment or medicine. Follow Social Security... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Civil Rights and Social Security for California on
Q: mom recieves SSA and SSi and FS. She just recieved a 16,666.00 inheritence. How to legally keep w/out losing benefits

My mom is on SSI 163 month, SSA 513 month, part of legally separated hubs ssi 287 month and 153 in food stamps. Total ... She just recieved a cashiers check for 16,666.00 from my grandmas trust as she has passed away. Will my mom lose her benefits? How can we go around them legally so she can keep... Read more »

Kenneth Prigmore
Kenneth Prigmore answered on Nov 3, 2020

If the funds had not been given to your mother, but instead had been given to a trust that could help her, that would have avoided losing benefits. She will lose the $163 a month need based funds. She will continue to get the work based benefits. If she does not report receiving the funds, this may... Read more »

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1 Answer | Asked in Social Security for Texas on
Q: Has SSD ever been approved while SSI was denied? Details

ALJ hearing a week ago. Today; SSA website-SSI declined.

SSD- "medical decision has been made and we are working to process your decision"

I have very little work credits. My question is has a SSD ever been approved despite few credits?

Brad A. Thomas
Brad A. Thomas answered on Nov 3, 2020

It's impossible to give you a clear answer on this question due to limited information. If you do not have a disability attorney handling your case, then you can try calling the hearings office where your case is located and see if they may be able to give you some clarification. Otherwise,... Read more »

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