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Traffic Tickets Questions & Answers
1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Indiana on
Q: I was ticketed 7-262019 and just Received a licence suspension for failure to appear How is that possible it was 2yrs ag
Andrew L. Bennett
Andrew L. Bennett answered on May 18, 2021

The courts, clerks, and the BMV can be slow sometime. Consider speaking with an attorney to see if the suspension can be set aside or if you qualify for specialized driving privileges.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Indiana on
Q: Why do I get charged a court fee? I got a ticket on the 24th of April and it wasn’t payable until May 18th.

A $75 ticket now costing me $185? I don’t understand why.

Andrew L. Bennett
Andrew L. Bennett answered on May 18, 2021

Tickets, with the exception of a seatbelt ticket, have court cost. Court costs are currently $135.50 and are assessed even if you do not go to court but simply pay the ticket.

1 Answer | Asked in Legal Malpractice and Traffic Tickets for Michigan on
Q: Is it legal for a cop to follow me around after I recorded him, and write me up for a statute I didn't violate? help

I feel like my 1st amendment rights to freedom of press and speech are being attacked, I filed a complaint and the supervisor blew me off and said he won't argue the constitution with me, deal with the ticket in court. I don't feel I should be picked on by law enforcement when I am not... Read more »

Brent T. Geers
Brent T. Geers answered on May 18, 2021

Without determining whether the police are right or wrong here, they are right about one practical aspect of the law: you won't win an argument about law or fact with the police on the streets; that is what courts are for.

Your first amendment right to watch the police while in public...
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1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Illinois on
Q: speeding ticket in IL for going 20 mph over my license is in MO If I file a supervision will it effect my insurance?

Drivers license in Missouri

Ticket in Illinois

20 over mph x

Only ticket in 2 years

Alan Jones
Alan Jones answered on May 18, 2021

Supervision is a disposition of guilt that is not a conviction. The Secretary of State keeps track of supervision internally, therefore your insurance company should not find out about it. Good luck. Al

1 Answer | Asked in Appeals / Appellate Law, Traffic Tickets and DUI / DWI for Michigan on
Q: If I ask for driving license hearing reconsideration, with new evidence, can I still appeal if they deny me again?

I’m in Michigan. I was previously granted my license then lost it to a technicality, had a breathalyzer in car and battery died which caused it to say I was tampering with it, I appealed that and won and was granted license back. Before my license paperwork came I drove stupidly for dr appt and... Read more »

Frank B. Ford
Frank B. Ford answered on May 18, 2021

I doubt that they will allow you to have a reconsideration. But to answer your question, if they did give you a hearing for reconsideration and you again lost, you could still appeal to Circuit Court, if the situation falls within one of the limited circumstances in which an appeal to the court is... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Georgia on
Q: If i had covid and missed a court date,what do i do..??
Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on May 17, 2021

Either call the court and find out, or hire a traffic ticket lawyer to proceed on your behalf.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Pennsylvania on
Q: If I plead or am found guilty, will I get points on my record? It says on the citation that points may be assessed.
Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on May 17, 2021

Depends on what traffic infraction you are accused of violating----not all traffic violations results in points. Usually, it the moving violations and in some instances, violations involving your driver's license and/or insurance sometimes end up resulting in points in some jurisdictions.... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Alabama on
Q: My friend has a failure to appear for state trooper ticket can she bond out
Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on May 17, 2021

Assuming this is a traffic ticket and no great bodily harm was caused, it is highly unlikely you will be detained for your failure to appear if you go to court and answer for the bench warrant. Actually, I would call the court house and ask them and they most likely will tell you the amount of the... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Louisiana on
Q: Is an out of date speed study/survey grounds for dismals of a speeding ticket in Louisiana?

While traveling (California), I saw an article about speeding tickets and things most people don't know about them. It stated that an out of date speed study/survey for the road the speed citation was issued on was grounds to have it dismissed. Is this the case in Louisiana also? Thank you in... Read more »

Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on May 17, 2021

In answer to your question, NO.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Tennessee on
Q: I missed court for driving w no insrence which i got 2 days after the ticket was issued.not that it makes a difference
Anthony M. Avery
Anthony M. Avery answered on May 17, 2021

Hire an attorney to represent you. He can get you before the Court, then see if a Dismissal is possible since Diversion is not.

1 Answer | Asked in Civil Litigation and Traffic Tickets for Maryland on
Q: I have a tint medical exemption, can i get a license plate that states that or an official decal 2 avoid cop pull overs?

If I have a medical exemption that allows me to have 5% tint on my car windows, but I want to avoid the inevitable - being pulled over left and right by police officers because of my tint just to end up showing them my medical exemption, but I still end up late, harrassed, perhaps with a ticket for... Read more »

Mark Oakley
Mark Oakley answered on May 16, 2021

Petition the MVA to adopt a regulation that allows the MVA to create and issue a decal you can affix to the exterior of the car notifying the law enforcement that the vehicle owner has a certified medical waiver for tinted windows. It would have to have an expiration date corresponding to the... Read more »

2 Answers | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Minnesota on
Q: Is paying a traffic ticket the same as admitting guilt with a plea bargain?

I was offered a plea bargain to remove a ticket that wasn’t valid if I plead guilty to the other ticket. Is the omission of guilt the same paying it vs admitting it on paper in the plea ?

Jonathan Matthew Holson
Jonathan Matthew Holson answered on May 14, 2021

Yes. Paying a ticket is the equivalent of a guilty plea. Now here you are getting the benefit of having a second ticket dismissed so that might a good reason to accept the agreement.

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1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for New York on
Q: I have a NY drivers license and I got a ticket for careless driving in new Jersey. Any points?
Toshinori Isoai
Toshinori Isoai answered on May 14, 2021

Generally no. Other factors may change the answer (any fatality invovled, Class A endorcement or not, etc). Careless driving summons are among the frequently issued tickets in NJ just like reckless driving ones in NY.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Pennsylvania on
Q: Can you receive a ticket for speeding in the mail if a cop gets your plates and followed you but never pulled you over?

Admittedly I was speeding around 25 over briefly to around 15 over to get away from vehicles intentionally preventing me from passing. I then noticed a cop weave in and out of traffic to get behind me and I waited to be pulled over. He then followed me for about a 1/2 mile to a mile without pulling... Read more »

Ellis B. Klein
Ellis B. Klein answered on May 14, 2021

Yes, but the officer would have to be able to identify you in court as the driver. If he was behind you the whole time he is going to have some issues. Plead not guilty and get a lawyer as 25 over is 4 points on your license. Good luck

2 Answers | Asked in Criminal Law and Traffic Tickets for California on
Q: illegal search?

So I got pull over cause my tags were expired and so the officer pull me over and came to the window and asked me "you know the reason why I pulled u over" and I reply yes cause of my tags. So the officer asked me and the passengers for our ID (3 people in the car) so we hand them our ID... Read more »

Dale S. Gribow
Dale S. Gribow answered on May 13, 2021

what they are probably going to charge you with is Possession of Drugs............

NOT ownership. We drugs found on the seat, between seats, on the floor etc?

i assume one of the guys was on parole or probation with a search condition.

your case would have been stronger if...
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1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Tennessee on
Q: I have a speeding ticket for 81 mph at a 70 mph zone (Interstate) while going with traffic. How do I defend my case?

I was being repeatedly honked at for being on speed limit (70 mph), so I had to accelerate a little. It was daytime.

Anthony M. Avery
Anthony M. Avery answered on May 13, 2021

Go to Court in a respectful manner. Dress decent and talk to the DA or Judge politely. Quickly explain what happened. Have cash on you. Possibly you will be diverted or dismissed, or you might plea to a MVR nonreportable 9 mph over.

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Colorado on
Q: How likely am I to have an improper turn ticket dropped if I appear in court if there was glass in my immediate lane.

I was making a left hand turn out of a single lane while leaving my neighborhood at an intersection with a traffic light. The light turned green and I proceeded left into a two lane, but merged into the far right lane to avoid glass near the left hand lane in the intersection. After I passed the... Read more »

Randy Bryan Ligh
Randy Bryan Ligh answered on May 13, 2021

Prosecution has the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed a traffic offense----and you have a right (but you do not have to do so) to present a defense. It sounds like you have a defense---I would contact a traffic ticket lawyer or 3 in your area, discuss your ticket and... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Ohio on
Q: can i be charged with dus if i wasnt driving and the cop came in store/the call was some1 gettrn high in parkinglot

Like it was my b/f car my buddy was driving we was in dollar general someone called said someone was getting high in parking lot. officer came in store we was only ppl there and asked me to step out to talk to him. mind you i was pretty messed up why i wasnt driving they asked whos car/owner etc.... Read more »

Andrew Popp
Andrew Popp answered on May 13, 2021

When you say dus, are you referring to driving under a suspension? For any charge, the state has the burden of proof. If they lack the evidence to prove that you were driving it sounds like you need to fight the charge. Doing this by yourself can be very difficult. I recommend finding a... Read more »

1 Answer | Asked in Traffic Tickets for Kentucky on
Q: Got pulled over by KSP for driving 100 in a 70, charged with careless driving, not prepayable. What should I expect?

I have a clean driving record and have never been pulled over before. I am very worried. I could lose my job if I have points on my license.

Timothy Denison
Timothy Denison answered on May 12, 2021

It will probably be amended down and then you’ll likely be sent to traffic school, where you don’t lose any points or face any insurance ramifications!!

2 Answers | Asked in Traffic Tickets for New Jersey on
Q: For statute no 39 4-97.3, if you are at a stop sign and you look at your phone. Are you violating the statue?
Stuart Nachbar
Stuart Nachbar answered on May 11, 2021

Yes, you are as the statute say using, and also says that it shall not impede operation. If you are at a Stop sign, you are not paying attention to the road and the flow of traffic

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